🤔ever wondered how #mortgagebrokers shop for the best rate?

Introduction: The Purpose of the Info Session

Have you ever been curious about how mortgage brokers find the best rates and terms for their clients? If so, there’s a special event that you might find really interesting. It’s a free info session designed just for this purpose!

What Will You Learn?

During the session, experts will explain how mortgage brokers work to get the best financing options for their clients. They’re going to share some secrets of the trade, which is like taking a peek under the hood of a car, but instead of engines, it’s all about loans and mortgages.

Details of the Session

The session includes a live demonstration where you can see how pricing is done in real time. This means you’ll get to watch how brokers compare different rates live, just like how you watch a cooking show and see the chef cook in real time.

Why It’s Helpful

This demonstration will give you insights that can be really helpful when you’re talking to people who need a mortgage. It’s like getting a sneak peek at the answers before a big test, which can make things a lot easier.

How to Participate

If you want to join, you’ll need to click on a link that will be provided in the comments section below the session’s announcement. Don’t worry if you can’t join the live session because there’s an option to watch it later. The session will be available on demand right after it finishes, so you can catch up anytime you like.

Joining Live vs. Watching Later

Joining live might be more fun because you can ask questions just like you do in class. But if you’re busy, watching the on-demand replay is just as good. Either way, you won’t miss out on learning how mortgage brokers find the best deals.

Conclusion: Don’t Miss Out!

This info session is a great opportunity to learn something new and useful, especially if you’re curious about how people make decisions about where to get money for buying a house. So, make sure to check it out and hopefully, see you on Zoom!

Ready to learn how you can help families find their dream homes with the best financial plans? Click the link to join our free info session and become a savvy conversationalist about mortgages!

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