“1 Thing” Script For Setting Real Estate Appointments (13 Set This Week)

Introduction to the “1 Thing” Text Script

00:00 – Josh Shanley introduces himself as a dual licensed agent and co-founder of Wake Up Real Estate. He shares the purpose of the video, which is to offer a powerful text script for real estate agents aiming to generate more appointments.

Success with the “1 Thing” Text Script

00:15 – Josh details the success of using the “1 Thing” text script, explaining how a team member used it to convert 880 unconverted leads into 13 appointments in one week. This script was used in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Variations of the Script

00:45 – Various adaptations of the “1 Thing” script are discussed, tailored to different types of clientsβ€”from first-time home buyers to potential investors. Josh emphasizes the script’s flexibility for personalization, such as including the recipient’s first name.

Examples of Script Variations

01:00 – Josh provides specific examples of how the script can be customized:

  • Asking what is stopping someone from buying a home this summer.
  • Targeting potential investors by inquiring about barriers to buying an investment property.
  • Engaging sellers by asking what’s stopping them from selling their property, with a direct mention of their street address.

Additional Tips for Script Use

01:25 – Further tips on using the script include the best times to send these messages, such as Saturday mornings, to increase response rates and engagement.

Email Variation of the Script

01:45 – Josh also mentions that there are email variations of the “1 Thing” script available, which can be similarly effective. He encourages viewers to adhere to the structural integrity of the script while making necessary adjustments to fit their specific audience.

Engaging and Converting Leads

02:00 – The emphasis is placed on how these scripts are designed not just to generate responses, but to spark conversations that can lead to conversions, helping real estate agents uncover opportunities to assist and serve potential clients effectively.

Resources and Encouragement

02:15 – Josh concludes by encouraging viewers to explore other resources available on the Wake Up Real Estate website, which include additional training, scripts, and templates proven effective in the field.

Final Thoughts and Subscription Reminder

02:30 – The video ends with Josh thanking the viewers for their time, inviting them to subscribe to the channel for more helpful content.

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