2 listings appointments with this postcard (mailed to 184 homeowners)

๐Ÿ“ฌCheck out the postcard we used last week to get 2 listings appointments from a neighborhood of 184 homeowners!๐Ÿ‘€
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http://GrowWithJosh.com/ilist – grab a FREE trial and starting using iList to convert more of the homeowners in your database into listing appointments!
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Title: “Two Listing Appointments from This Postcard Mailed to 184 Homeowners”

Josh Shanley, a real estate agent and loan originator, explains how he got two listing appointments by sending a postcard to 184 homeowners. He will show the postcard design, discuss its effectiveness, and provide resources for replication.

The Postcard

Design and Concept:

  • Bright yellow postcard to grab attention.
  • Featured a pending sale in the neighborhood.
  • Included a QR code for homeowners to check their own homeโ€™s value.

Front Side Details:

  • Announcement of a pending sale at “5815 Heatherwood Court.”
  • QR code leading to a seller dashboard for homeowners to see their homeโ€™s potential value.

Back Side Details:

  • Personalized message to the homeowner.
  • Encouragement to text Josh for the final sales price.
  • Another QR code for instant home value estimates.

Results and Follow-Up

Scans and Interactions:

  • Sent to 184 homeowners.
  • Seven homeowners scanned the QR code.
  • Immediate email notification for each scan with homeowner details.

Listing Appointments:

  • First Appointment: Homeowner deciding whether to sell as-is or make updates.
  • Second Appointment: Investment property that just went vacant.

Additional Tips and Resources

Follow-Up Postcard:

  • Sent a “just sold” postcard after the sale was finalized.
  • Tested different designs (yellow vs. plain white) to see which works better.


  • Mentioned services like Thanks.io and iList for creating and managing postcards.
  • Recommended using Propstream for generating mailing lists.


Encouragement and Support:

Encourages viewers to use postcards to get more listings. Offers help and additional resources on his website, WakeUp.RealEstate.

Joshโ€™s method of using eye-catching postcards and follow-up mail to engage with potential sellers in his neighborhood proved effective, leading to two listing appointments and demonstrating a valuable strategy for other real estate professionals.

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