4 Appointments (4 More Pending) & 1 Application With This “Quick Chat” Text Script

Introduction to a Powerful Text Script


Real estate agents and mortgage professionals are constantly seeking effective tools to engage with potential clients. A particularly successful method has been introduced which utilizes a straightforward text script. This script can be sent via text message, email, or direct message on social media platforms. It has been tested over several months and has consistently yielded positive results, proving its reliability and effectiveness in the industry.

The Script’s Content and Immediate Impact


The script reads, “Morning [First Name], would you be open and available for a quick chat with one of our zero down Specialists? Let me know, thanks.” This message was used by Assad and his brokerage to reach out to 500 of his unconverted leads, leading to immediate and significant outcomes. Within a short period, four appointments were set, one application was submitted, and four more appointments were pending confirmation.

Successful Engagements and Responses


When recipients responded positively to the initial message, the conversation continued to determine a suitable time for the chat, often culminating in scheduling a meeting with a team member named Jared. This approach not only streamlined the process of setting up appointments but also facilitated the submission of applications by directing potential clients to a co-branded mortgage application link. This ease of access encourages clients to take the next step towards their real estate goals.

Adapting the Script for Various Needs


The script’s versatility allows it to be customized to target different specialties such as new construction, first-time home buyers, or investors. This adaptability ensures that the script remains relevant and effective across various market segments and client interests.

Expanding the Script’s Reach


Following the success with the initial batch of leads, plans are in place to continue using this script with the next 500 unconverted leads from Assad’s database, which includes about 1,700 contacts in total. This strategy is expected to generate more appointments, applications, and ultimately, pre-approved clients, some of whom may also be looking to sell their current homes.

Resource Availability and Support


For those interested in implementing similar strategies, resources such as scripts and templates are available at Wake Up Real Estate’s website. Additionally, the team is open to discussing strategies through various means such as chat widgets, scheduled chats, or emails, ensuring support is readily accessible for users needing guidance.

Encouraging Industry Sharing and Participation


Recognizing the potential value of these resources, the team encourages sharing this script and others like it within the real estate community. They believe that these tools can significantly aid others in the industry by enhancing their engagement and conversion efforts.

Conclusion and Call to Action


The text script discussed has proven to be a simple yet powerful tool for generating client engagement and advancing real estate transactions. Its success demonstrates the potential of well-crafted communication in achieving business objectives in the real estate sector.

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