9 PROFITABLE Real Estate Facebook Lead Ad Examples (that you can swipe and deploy today)

Hey there, if you’re a Facebook and instagram using real estate agent looking to generate more leads, grow your database, and get into more conversations with potential clients, you’re in the right place. In this video, I’m sharing nine different Facebook and Instagram lead ad campaigns that have worked wonderfully well in our business over the last few years. This video was inspired by several real estate agents in our Wake UP Real Estate Community who have been asking me what campaigns, niches, and types of ads are working to generate more leads and bring in more opportunities. Let’s dive in!

Real Estate Lead Ad #1: See All Available Price Reduced Homes in Central PA

See All Available Homes

Everyone loves a good deal, and price reductions mean there’s an increased likelihood of seller motivation. This is a great catchall offer, especially if you’re unsure of what niche to narrow in on. You can promote specific listings (with permission, of course), and if it’s your listing, it makes even more sense. In my market, promoting a specific listing with this type of ad campaign has resulted in the lowest cost per lead. For example, we generated leads for 30 cents each by promoting a specific property.

Real Estate Lead Ad # 2. Just Listed Property

Just Listed Facebook Ad

This campaign is straightforward and effective. An ad like “Just listed in Harrisburg, click below for instant access to all photos, details, and more” can generate significant interest. It’s a classic approach that consistently brings in new leads.

Real Estate Lead Ad # 3. New Construction Homes Need to Sell ASAP

New Construction Homes Ad

If you’re in a market with more new construction inventory than resale, this ad is perfect. Highlight the urgency and special incentives or financing available. For example, “These new construction homes need to sell ASAP. Tap ‘Learn More’ to get free instant access and be sure to check out the builder incentives and special financing available.”

Real Estate Lead Ad # 4. Downsizing Without Compromising Lifestyle

Downsizing Real Estate Facebook Ad

Target those looking to downsize but not give up their lifestyle. An ad like “Looking to downsize your home but not your lifestyle? Get a list of beautiful turnkey homes with a smaller footprint, no stairs, and less maintenance sent directly to you instantly” works well. This can generate leads who may also need to sell their current home, creating double-sided transaction opportunities.

Real Estate Lead Ad #5. Specific Listing Campaigns

specific listing facebook ad

As mentioned earlier, promoting a specific listing can be highly effective. We generated leads for 30 cents each with a listing campaign, and although the pictures weren’t great, the ad still performed exceptionally well.

Real Estate Lead Ad # 6. Luxury Homes in Cumberland County

This follows a similar template to the new construction ad. “These luxury homes in Cumberland County need to sell ASAP.” You can also try “See all available luxury homes in Cumberland County.” Both variations performed well for us over time.

Real Estate Lead Ad # 7. Zero Down Homes in Perry County

zero down homes ad

Offer zero down homes in areas that qualify for USDA financing. For example, “See all available zero down homes in Perry County.” This works well in rural areas where USDA financing is an option.

Real Estate Lead Ad # 8. Home Selling Tips

This ad serves as both a lead generator and a retargeting tool. “Learn our top tips for anyone thinking about selling their home. They may not be what you think they are. Get our top 12 things to do before you sell list” with a ‘Learn More’ button can attract those considering selling their home.

Real Estate Lead Ad # 9. Ad Copy Variations and Software Platforms

We use two software platforms to create these campaigns: StreetText and Listings to Leads. Both offer free trials and make it incredibly easy to launch ads like the ones mentioned. Even if you’re experienced with Facebook Ads Manager, these tools can simplify the process and save time. For more information and to start a free trial, visit growwithjo StreetText or growwithjo Listings to Leads.

Below this video, you will find a document with a variety of ways to present these offers. We call it our Facebook Ad Copy Variations Cheat Sheet, which ensures you’ll never run out of ideas. The document also includes screenshots of the ads discussed.

If you’d like to strategize about what niche makes the most sense or what you should focus on, you can schedule a time to chat with me at josh1 15.com. Before that, watch this video that Ryan put together around the idea of the Real Estate Niche Operating System (RENOS). Pairing daily database growth with regular nurturing through emails will lead to more opportunities to help and serve clients in your market area.

Thanks for checking this out! Make sure you’re subscribed to the Wake Up Real Estate YouTube channel and our blog for more content like this. Hopefully, we’ll chat soon!

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