A FESTIVE Follow Up Friday! | Wake Up Real Estate Show 12/15/23

Introduction and Welcome

Greetings and Show Overview

Welcome to “Wake Up Real Estate,” the last live show of 2023. It’s a festive time, and the host is wearing an “ugly Christmas sweater” to celebrate the holidays. This episode is dedicated to Follow-up Friday, an opportunity to reflect on past interactions and engage with the community.

Discussion on Follow-up Strategies

Email Follow-ups

The host shares details about an email follow-up strategy employed, urging listeners to consider modeling their follow-up methods similarly. This includes tips on how to stay on top of mind with your social sphere using strategic posts.

Social Media Engagement

There’s a fun mention of a Christmas-themed social post, tying in a humorous reference to a popular holiday movie scene featuring Clark W. Griswald. This is part of the broader strategy to maintain engagement and visibility online during the festive season.

Technical Tips and Tools

Using Screen Recording Software

Discussion shifts to practical tech tips, specifically about using screen recording tools like Screen Pal and Loom for creating content. The hosts exchange ideas on the benefits of each tool and how they can help in engaging effectively with audiences online.

Market Trends and Opportunities

Real Estate Market Analysis

The conversation takes a turn towards recent trends in the mortgage rates, noting a significant drop, the largest in decades. This leads to a discussion about potential opportunities in the real estate market, particularly concerning investment properties and rate advantages.

Personal Experience with Market Dynamics

One host shares a personal anecdote related to the recent changes in the mortgage rates, highlighting the personal and broader market implications of these shifts.

Planning for 2024

Social Media Strategy for the New Year

Looking forward, one host commits to focusing all social media posts on LinkedIn for the year 2024, inspired by suggestions from influential figures in the marketing and business world.

Enhancing Client Engagement

As they plan for the new year, there’s talk about strategies to enhance client engagement through regular newsletters, utilizing email marketing tools to manage and grow subscriber lists effectively.

Call to Action

The show wraps up with a call to action for listeners to stay engaged and proactive in their real estate dealings. The hosts emphasize the importance of staying informed and ready for new opportunities, particularly as the new year approaches.

Conclusion and Holiday Wishes

Finally, the hosts express their gratitude to the listeners for their loyalty and engagement throughout the year. They extend heartfelt holiday wishes and tease exciting plans for the upcoming year, hinting at new projects and content that will be shared in 2024.

Remember to like and subscribe for more updates and tips from “Wake Up Real Estate” as we continue to explore and share valuable real estate insights and strategies. Happy Holidays and see you next year!

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