A Look At BoldTrail’s New Landing Page Builder

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Quick AI Provided Summary Of What Happens in This Video

So, the video starts with Ryan introducing himself and mentioning that they’re continuing a series on the Inside Real Estate YouTube channel. He’s diving deeper into the Bold Trail page editor, which is a tool for building real estate landing pages. Ryan seems pretty enthusiastic about exploring the features and sharing some practical tips with the viewers. He’s got the help docs ready to share in the comments and is eager to see what people think about the tool.

Ryan starts by showing different templates available in the system, like “About Me,” “About Us,” “Buyer Guides,” etc. He selects the “About Me” template to demonstrate how to customize a page. It’s cool to see how intuitive the builder is – you can easily change the page slug, add meta descriptions for SEO, and upload images. He even shares a fun little hack using Canva to create a quick logo, emphasizing how easy and affordable it is to create professional-looking graphics.

As Ryan continues, he highlights how to add content to the page, like uploading a company logo, adding a headline, and even playing around with fonts and colors. He’s really into using AI, like ChatGPT, to generate bios and content, which is a neat trick for anyone struggling to write about themselves. Ryan’s playful side comes out when he adds an animated GIF from “Glen Gary Glen Ross,” making the session light-hearted and engaging.

Towards the end, Ryan tackles adding a lead generation form. This part shows the real power of the page builder – you can customize forms, adjust field settings, and set up automated responses. He wraps up by encouraging viewers to engage, subscribe, and tag their colleagues to spread the knowledge. Overall, Ryan’s deep dive into the Bold Trail page editor is both informative and entertaining, making it clear that this tool can really streamline the creation of effective real estate landing pages.

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