AI Generated, SEO Optimized Youtube Video Summaries For Your Real Estate Websites & Blogs

Click here to access the chrome extension mentioned in the video.


Hey, real estate fans! Grab your coffee and get ready for Tech Tip Thursday! Today, we’re talking about a cool new way to summarize videos for your real estate website or blog.

Why Summarize Videos?

Sometimes, people don’t have time to watch a whole video. Summaries help them get the important info quickly. Plus, having text on your site can help with SEO, making it easier for people to find you online.

The Tool We’re Using

We found a great tool called “YouTube Summary with ChatGPT and Claude.” It’s a Chrome extension that helps summarize YouTube videos. This extension lets you set up prompts, like asking for a summary for a 6th grade audience and breaking it into sections.

How It Works

  1. Install the Extension: Add the “YouTube Summary with ChatGPT and Claude” extension to your Chrome browser.
  2. Set Up Prompts: Customize prompts to get the kind of summaries you want.
  3. Use on Videos: When you watch a video, click the “Transcript and Summary” button. The extension will summarize the video and organize it into sections.
  4. Get HTML Code: You can also get the HTML code for your blog. This makes it easy to paste the summary into your website.


We used a video from a real estate expert, DNE Bus. The extension provided a full transcript and a neat summary. This can be posted on your blog or shared in emails, making it easier for your audience to get the info quickly.

Bonus Tip

There’s another tool called “Hicks.ai Writer” for more detailed content creation. It’s good for advanced users who blog frequently, but it’s not free.

Final Thoughts

While these tools save time, remember to keep personal touches in your business. Call your clients, send personalized notes, and stay authentic. Technology is helpful, but real human interactions are what make a difference.


That’s it for today’s Tech Tip Thursday! Try out the “YouTube Summary with ChatGPT and Claude” extension to make your video content more accessible and SEO-friendly. Keep being awesome in your real estate business!

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