Answering An IMPORTANT Question (What’s Working Wednesday) | Wake Up Real Estate Show 3/6/24


Welcome to the “Wake Up Real Estate Show”! It’s Wednesday, March 6, and today, I am hosting the show alone because my friend Ryan is traveling. He’s attending a very special meeting in Austin, Texas, where he is learning lots of new things to share with us about marketing and growing our business. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to our show, and if you’re listening on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, please leave us a review to help spread the love!

Regular Updates and Greetings

Every Wednesday, we like to talk about what’s working now in real estate and mortgage. Today, I’ll be answering a great question I got by email. But first, let me say good morning to Daphne and Mike, and mention some important updates. Yesterday, Jordan and I held a mortgage info session. If you missed it, you could find the link in your emails or on our website to watch it anytime. We shared five ways to help clients buy homes without a down payment. Check it out if you haven’t yet!

Question About Licenses

Before I dive into the main question for today, someone asked if I am licensed to work in Texas. The answer is almost! I should have my license by next week. Our company is already licensed there, and we can handle different types of loans even if I’m not personally licensed yet.

The Big Question

Now, to the important question I received via email, which I think will interest many of you. The person asked about implementing our marketing program for absentee owners and what niche or program they should focus on next. This is a great question because it helps us think about how to grow our business smartly.

Big Picture Advice

I want to answer this question in two parts: the big picture and the practical steps. First, the big picture. Any activity that grows your database or strengthens your relationships with clients is worthwhile. It’s like looking at the clouds; you’re thinking about the overall strategy.

Detailed Steps and Practical Advice

Now for the practical advice, which I call “the dirt.” It’s important to focus on what you’re currently implementing and make sure it’s working well before moving on to something new. For example, if you’re starting with absentee owners, make sure that program is running smoothly and bringing in business consistently before you add another niche.

Stay Focused and Avoid Distractions

One common mistake is trying to do too many things at once, which can lead to poor results. I suggest sticking with one strategy for at least three to six months. Once it’s successful, then consider adding more strategies. This approach helps you build a solid foundation without getting distracted by new ideas.


In conclusion, growing your real estate or mortgage business is all about focus and persistence. Work on building deep and lasting connections with your clients, and make sure each strategy you implement has time to succeed before adding more. Remember, whether you’re working on your first marketing strategy or your hundredth, the key is to stay focused and not spread yourself too thin.

Call to Action

If you found this discussion helpful and want to learn more about choosing the right niches or marketing programs for your business, check out our resources or join our upcoming webinars. Let’s keep learning and growing together!

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