Attracting VA Homebuyers With Facebook & Instagram Lead Ads!

Understanding VA Homebuyer Attraction with Facebook & Instagram Ads

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In this segment, Josh introduces the topic of attracting VA home buyers using specific advertising strategies on Facebook and Instagram. He explains the purpose of the video, which is to share successful methods that have helped a real estate agent named Assad in Texas to connect with and assist VA home buyers. Josh mentions their “fee qualifier partner program” which aims to boost lead conversion by engaging more actively with potential clients to better understand and meet their needs.

Introduction to VA Home Buyer Campaigns

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Josh describes the initial contact with Assad, who is focused on serving veterans and active duty military personnel in Killeen, Texas. The conversation led to the identification of VA home buyers as Assad’s ideal client group. This discovery initiated the first advertising test, which initially did not perform as expected, receiving no significant interaction despite viewer clicks.

Iterative Approach to Campaign Improvement

Video Time: 2:01-4:00

After the initial setback, Josh talks about the process of iteration where different elements of the ad were tweaked, starting with duplicating the campaign. This simple change led to generating the first lead, although the success was short-lived. The next step involved changing the ad’s image, which significantly improved the ad’s performance by making it more relevant to the local audience, featuring local symbols like the Killeen sign and the Texas flag.

Successful Ad Campaigns and Future Strategies

Video Time: 4:01-6:00

With the successful adaptation of the ad’s imagery, the campaign began to attract consistent leads. The cost per lead was considered very satisfactory, but Josh plans to further enhance the campaign’s effectiveness by experimenting with video formats, specifically using Instagram Reels. He describes creating a short video featuring the Texas flag and emphasizing VA benefits, which he anticipates will resonate well with the target audience.

Providing Easy Access to Contact Information

Video Time: 6:01-7:00

Josh highlights the importance of making contact information easily accessible within the ads. This approach helps potential clients reach out directly to Assad without the need to navigate through additional steps, facilitating immediate communication and potentially quicker conversions from leads to clients.

Benefits to All Parties Involved

Video Time: 7:01-8:00

The video concludes with Josh discussing the mutual benefits of these campaigns. Not only do they help Assad grow his client base, but they also create opportunities for Josh’s team to assist with mortgage applications, creating a symbiotic relationship between the real estate and mortgage services. Josh invites viewers to explore more about their services through the provided links and encourages engagement with their content.

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