Automated Mortgage Co-Marketing Generates A “Cash Buyer” Response For An Agent


Hey everyone, it’s Ryan here from Wake Up Real Estate! I want to share a quick story about how our co-marketing efforts are working really well. We’re teaming up with real estate agents to help them follow up on their leads from the mortgage side of things.

Getting Started

Here’s how it works: You join us, and we help you set up some advertising funnels. For example, we recently helped an agent set up a downsizing funnel using a Facebook ad. We connect everything to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) and to our CRM. This way, automation works from both sides. We also send texts, make calls, and follow up from our side of things.

Early Morning Surprise

Opt-In at 4 AM

One morning, at 4:16 AM, someone signed up for a list of single-family homes. It’s kind of funny how early it was! They were then redirected to a downsizing article that the agent had prepared.

Mortgage Pre-Approval Offer

After opting in, we sent a text message offering to schedule a mortgage pre-approval session. The text said something like, “Hey, I work with [Agent’s Name]. Would you like to schedule a quick chat about getting pre-approved for a mortgage?” This kind of open-ended question is working really well for us right now.

The Cash Buyer Revelation

Response from the Lead

We got a response from the person saying, “Hey, thank you for contacting me, but I have money for the deal.” From the mortgage side, this might not seem great since they don’t need a mortgage. However, it’s awesome news for the real estate agent because it means the person is a cash buyer!

Benefits of Co-Marketing

This is a fantastic example of how our additional follow-ups can help you. While you’re sending texts and emails, we’re also strategically placing our follow-ups to complement yours. When the prospect responds, you find out valuable information like they’re a cash buyer. Now, you can focus on this contact knowing they have the funds ready to buy.


If you’re not already co-marketing with a mortgage lender you know, like, and trust, consider giving us a try. Visit our website at and schedule a quick chat. We can get these amazing results for you soon!

Call to Action

Don’t wait! Join us at Wake Up Real Estate and let’s start making great things happen together. Visit today and see how we can help you generate more cash buyers!

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