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Week 1 - Live Bootcamp Session

Week 2 - Live Bootcamp Session

Baby Boomer Listings Bootcamp BONUS


Liz Houghton
Direct Line: 470-800-5779
Schedule a free coaching/strategy call with Liz go to: https://calendly.com/lizyournextchapter

Facebook Ad Scripts And Template

Primary Text

🏡🏡🏡 Looking to downsize your home but not your lifestyle? 🏡🏡🏡
Get a list of beautiful turn key homes with a smaller foot print, no stairs and less maintenance sent directly to you instantly


Upgrade Downsize Home List

Lead Form Text

Tired of over used stairs and under used rooms? Trade up while downsizing! Be sure your info below is accurate so we can send you an up to date list of properties that fit your current needs!

Thank you Page text

Congratulations, you’re about to see a current list of beautiful homes we feel you will love! Next simply click the “Show Me Homes” button below to be directed to a curated list of homes

Step By Step Written Doc For The Entire Process

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Follow UP Smart Campaign Scripts

NOTE: For Those Using kvCore Check out the Next Training Section

Below is a PDF Version of the Email and Text Follow UP Scripts
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Previous version of Scripts

Follow UP Smart Campaign kvCore

For those using kvCore below is the share code that you can enter into your KV to copy this campaign.

PLEASE NOTE!! There is text that you will need to change out in several of the emails so please be sure to make edits where necessary

Check out the video below on how to use the share code


How to get Leads From Facebook into Your CRM using Zapier


How to get Leads From StreetText into Your CRM using Zapier


In order to setup the integration you will need to submit a test lead through the Facebook Developer Texting Tool

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NEW Organic Onslaught Process using Short Video

“Organic Onslaught” How To Generate Seller Leads For FREE with StreetText

Zoodealio Organic Onslaught

Buyer Organic Onslaught

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