Best Just Listed Postcard? Wake Up Real Estate Marketing Strategy Update 5/17/23


Good morning everyone! Today at Wake Up Real Estate, we’re starting a little late because I had to drop off my son at school. He was delayed due to some testing. Thanks for joining us for our “What’s Working Wednesday” segment. Don’t forget to comment below—it helps more people see our video. Let’s dive into what’s been effective in our real estate marketing efforts!

Social Media Sharing

Discussion About Effective Posts

We start by talking about what’s been working for us on social media. Ryan shares a post he created that’s been doing well. It’s always good to reshare things that work well, and that’s exactly what Ryan did. He took a successful ad and turned it into a social media post too.

Creating and Modifying Ads

There’s a bit about how Ryan recreated an ad for a friend in Philadelphia and used the same concept for himself. It’s interesting because even if an idea works in one place, it might not work the same way somewhere else. So, Ryan tried to adjust the strategy to better fit his audience.

Real Estate Marketing Tactics

Lead Generation Strategies

We discuss different strategies for generating leads. For example, we talk about using video ads and lead forms that direct people to our website. It’s important to test different times of the day for these ads because sometimes the timing can really affect how well they do.

Retargeting Leads

Josh brings up a great point about retargeting. If someone visits your site but doesn’t contact you, you can show them ads later to remind them of your services. It’s a smart way to keep potential clients thinking about you.

Utilizing Postcards in Marketing

Success with Just Listed Postcards

Then, we move on to talk about “just listed” postcards, which are postcards that tell people about new properties on the market. These are great because they grab people’s attention and get them interested in new listings.

Engagement and Response Rates

Josh shares his success with these postcards, mentioning that they got a lot of scans from people interested in the listings. It’s cool to hear how something as simple as a postcard can be so effective!

Conclusion and Future Plans

We wrap up by discussing what we’ll be focusing on in the coming weeks, like continuing to refine our advertising strategies and planning for future marketing campaigns. We’re always trying to find the best ways to reach potential clients and keep our current ones happy.

Call to Action

Remember, whether you’re working with us or not, it’s always a good idea to keep trying new things in your marketing. What works for someone else might not work for you, and vice versa. Keep experimenting, and let us know what works for you!

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