“Boosting” Your Facebook Profile (Texting & Traffic Tuesday) | Wake Up Real Estate Show 1/30/24


Good morning everyone, and welcome to another episode of Wake Up Real Estate, especially for our “Texting & Traffic Tuesday.” Today’s show kicks off with a spontaneous discussion about Facebook ads that aren’t performing well. One of the viewers, Richie, mentions his struggles, prompting a quick offer to help improve his ads.

Assisting Richie with His Facebook Ad

The host notices Richie’s comment about his underperforming ad and decides to address it live. The host reassures Richie that they have never failed to help anyone achieve tangible results with Facebook ads. They offer to look at Richie’s current ads and provide a better solution to get his desired outcomes.

Texting Script Segment

Moving on from Facebook ads, the host introduces a texting script developed by Ryan, which is designed to engage potential clients effectively. They explain that this script is a proven tool in their arsenal, reused due to its continued success.

Discussion on Boosting Facebook Profiles

The host explains the concept of boosting a post on personal Facebook profiles. This strategy was discussed in a previous episode and has been effective in increasing visibility and engagement from the audience. The host details how simple and beneficial this approach can be for real estate professionals.

Social Media Strategies

Ryan takes over to talk about a creative social media strategy involving a playful conspiracy theory. This strategy hooks the audience with an intriguing story and then transitions into a real estate pitch, demonstrating a unique way to engage potential clients on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Sharing Effective Communication Techniques

The conversation shifts to effective communication strategies. The hosts discuss various text and email templates that have worked well in their experience, helping to identify and engage potential clients who are closer to making a real estate decision.

Interactive Q&A Session

The episode includes a live Q&A session where viewers can submit their questions about real estate marketing and strategies. The hosts provide detailed responses, offering insights into effective marketing tactics and how to leverage different social media platforms for real estate success.

Technical Issues and Solutions

Nearing the end of the show, the hosts encounter a minor technical issue with a live demonstration, but they quickly address and resolve it. This moment highlights the importance of being adaptable and ready to troubleshoot in real-time.


The episode wraps up with final thoughts on the importance of adapting new technologies and strategies in real estate. The hosts emphasize the value of continuous learning and experimenting with new tools to stay ahead in the competitive real estate market.

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