“Boosting” Your Facebook Profile (Traffic & Inflation Tuesday) | Wake Up Real Estate Show 2/13/24

Introduction to the Show and the Snowstorm

The show starts with the host mentioning a power outage due to a significant snowstorm affecting Central Pennsylvania. He notes that the snow is stopping where he is but may continue further north, impacting his co-host Josh. As a result, he’ll be hosting solo today.

Discussion on Inflation and Real Estate

The host moves on to discuss recent inflation data, specifically the Consumer Price Index (CPI) numbers. He explains that inflation was higher than expected, which is not great news for real estate. This higher inflation means that mortgage rates might stay elevated for a longer period. He uses a chart to show a spike in the 10-year yield, which indicates rising interest rates.

Impact on Home Buyers

Given the inflation data, the host advises viewers, especially those waiting for a drop in rates to buy homes, that it might be better to act sooner rather than later. He emphasizes that waiting could mean missing out on current opportunities.

Social Media Strategy for Real Estate

The host then shifts to discuss how to use social media for real estate advantage. He shows a video from Chris Cron about buying homes during inflationary times. The host highlights the importance of timing social media posts to make them relevant and engaging, focusing on linking directly to the most pertinent part of the video.

Advantages of Real Estate in Inflation

Discussing the benefits of real estate during inflation, the host mentions that real estate, like other hard assets such as gold and silver, can protect against the devaluation of cash. He suggests that people who have profited from the stock market might consider investing in real estate as a more stable option during inflationary times.

Tips for Boosting Facebook Profile

Next, the host describes a method to boost engagement on Facebook by linking directly to a lead capture page from a Facebook post. He explains the process using a home valuation page as an example, highlighting the use of images and colors to grab attention in the Facebook feed.

Setting Up and Boosting the Post

The host walks through the technical steps of setting up a Facebook post for boosting, including selecting the right options for goals, audience, and budget. He encounters some issues with targeting settings, showing the real-time troubleshooting process involved in social media marketing.

Using Just Sold as a Marketing Tool

In the concluding segment, the host introduces Just Sold.com, a platform he co-founded, which offers services like direct listing farming postcards. He provides a detailed explanation of how to use the platform to target potential sellers in specific neighborhoods.

Practical Demonstration of Just Sold

The host demonstrates how to create a marketing postcard, select the right audience, and personalize the message to increase engagement. He also touches on the new features added to the Just Sold platform to enhance its functionality for users.

Conclusion and Call to Action

The episode wraps up with the host expressing hope for Josh’s return in the next episode and a preview of what the next show will cover. He thanks the viewers for their participation and reminds them of the importance of staying proactive in their real estate endeavors, especially given the current economic climate.

If you’re interested in more insights on how to navigate the real estate market or need specific advice, don’t hesitate to reach out. Remember, it’s always a good time to explore your options in real estate. Tune in tomorrow for more tips and strategies!

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