“Bucket List” Weekly Email Template (Follow Up Friday) | Wake Up Real Estate Show 3/1/24

Introduction and Casual Chat

The show begins with a light-hearted conversation where the host casually asks about a friend’s family and their house, joking about a previous issue with mold. This sets a relaxed tone for the show, emphasizing that it’s a follow-up to a previous episode.

Follow-Up Friday

It’s “Follow-Up Friday” on the Wake Up Real Estate Show. The host explains that it’s a time to reflect on the tips given throughout the week, specifically mentioning Ryan’s Tech Tip from the previous day about a nostalgic accessory that makes phone use more comfortable.

Nostalgia and Communication

The discussion briefly dives into nostalgic memories of long phone conversations during youth, highlighting the physical discomforts they caused, like needing a chiropractor. This segues into mentioning modern solutions that prevent such issues.

Welcome to March

The host expresses disbelief that it’s already March, a recurring theme that time is swiftly passing by. There’s a mention of an email template for weekly updates, hinting at consistency and routine in their communication.

Real Estate Advice and Tips

The conversation shifts to real estate advice, focusing on a common scenario where a homeowner needs to sell their current home before buying a new one. The host discusses various strategies, such as “Buy before you sell” financing options, which could help homeowners transition smoothly without having to deal with selling under pressure.

Exploring Financial Options

The show explores detailed financial strategies for homeowners. They discuss how leveraging home equity can aid in buying a new property without waiting for the current one to sell. This strategy is crucial in a market with low inventory, where timing and financial flexibility are significant advantages.

Client Stories and Real-World Applications

The hosts share stories of clients who have benefited from these strategies, reinforcing the practicality of their advice. They also touch on the potential of keeping the old home for investment purposes, expanding the discussion to include real estate investment as a viable option for financial growth.

Marketing and Community Engagement

Attention turns to marketing strategies and community engagement. The hosts discuss how they use email newsletters to keep in touch with their audience, providing updates on local events and real estate opportunities. This section highlights the importance of consistent communication in building and maintaining community relationships.

Utilizing Modern Tools for Traditional Tasks

The discussion includes the use of modern tools like Google Drive and video messages to enhance communication and marketing efforts. These tools help in delivering content that is engaging and accessible, further enhancing audience interaction.

Recruiting and Expanding the Team

The show concludes with a call to action for listeners interested in real estate careers. The hosts encourage reaching out to them for opportunities to learn and grow in the industry, positioning their platform as a resource for professional development.


The show wraps up with a reminder of the value of staying proactive in the real estate market, whether through buying, selling, or investing. The hosts express gratitude for their audience’s engagement and encourage sharing the show with others who might find it helpful.

Want to learn more about real estate or start your journey in this exciting field? Tune in next week for more valuable tips and stories!

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