CapCut, kvCORE, Listings2Leads (Tech Tip Thursday) | Wake Up Real Estate Show 10/5/23

Introduction and Technical Snafus

The “Wake Up Real Estate Show” kicks off with a friendly “good morning” but not without some technical hitches. They’re running late because they couldn’t get Ryan’s camera to work, which is a big deal because everyone tunes in to see Ryan!

It’s Tech Tip Thursday!

Today is special because it’s Tech Tip Thursday, which means the hosts will share useful technology tips that could help their audience—real estate professionals—connect with more clients and close more deals, especially important as the year wraps up.

Ryan’s Social Post Teaser

Ryan starts off with a mention of a social post that’s currently on his Facebook. He decides to hold off on sharing it today since there’s a lot to cover, but teases that it’s something exciting related to Tech Tip Thursday.

Unconventional Client Connection Tips

Sharing an idea from Andre in an online real estate group, Ryan suggests using Bumble, not for dating, but the Bumble for Friends feature, to meet new people and talk about real estate directly. This shows there are creative ways to network without the usual cold calling.

Engaging in Community Activities

Josh takes the conversation to community engagement. He highlights the importance of realtors becoming hyper-localized by joining HOA boards, sponsoring local events, and even participating in activities like coaching sports as ways to embed themselves in the community.

Organizing a Coat Drive

Josh shares that he’s organizing a local coat drive, a community service activity that not only helps the needy but also provides a way to meet homeowners in the area. He walks through the steps to organize a coat drive using resources from a nonprofit website, showcasing how realtors can make a difference and potentially find new clients.

Technology Tips to Enhance Real Estate Business

The hosts pivot to discussing specific technology platforms that can help real estate professionals in their day-to-day operations.

Using kvCORE to Automate Client Engagement

Josh talks about kvCORE, a real estate platform where he discovered new settings for automated market reports and valuations based on client behaviors. This tool allows realtors to engage clients with relevant information automatically, enhancing the chances of conversion.

Creating Effective Video Content with CapCut

They discuss the benefits of using CapCut for creating short video content. CapCut has recently added a teleprompter feature, which is helpful for making scripted videos look professional without much effort.

Exploring New Advertising Platforms

The conversation shifts to innovative ways to advertise real estate services.

Advertising on TV with

Josh introduces, a platform that allows realtors to run local TV ads. This platform can target specific local channels, providing a new way to reach potential clients in a more directed and polished manner.

Maximizing Listings with Listings2Leads

As the show nears its end, Josh discusses Listings2Leads, a tool that provides a tremendous value for managing and marketing real estate listings. He explains how the platform can automate the creation of marketing plans and other materials that help realtors showcase their listings effectively.

Conclusion and Call to Action

The hosts wrap up the show by emphasizing the importance of using these tech tips and tools to enhance their real estate business. They encourage viewers to try out these tips and see the difference in their client engagement and sales results.

If you found these tips helpful, remember to subscribe to our channel and tune in for more useful insights every Thursday on Tech Tip Thursday!

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