Cash Offer Or Full Market Value Text Script | Wake Up Real Estate Show 1/23/24


Welcome and Show Overview

Welcome to the “Wake Up Real Estate” show! It’s Tuesday, January 23rd, and today is all about texting tips for real estate agents. The host begins by encouraging listeners to engage with the show by liking, commenting, subscribing, and sharing, especially on podcast platforms where reviews can help others find the show.

Main Content

Fixer Upper Financing Options

The host discusses an upcoming deep dive session with Jordan, focusing on financing options for fixer-uppers. They will explore both owner-occupant and investment property options, including hard money and fix-and-flip loans. The session aims to equip listeners with various financing strategies to better assist clients in finding suitable properties that may need some tender loving care (TLC).

Real Estate Tools and Tips

The show shares a quick tip for real estate agents about using a recent CNBC article on how renters can report their payments to credit bureaus to boost their credit scores. The importance of having a call to action in posts is highlighted, suggesting ways agents can encourage renters to consider buying homes.

Experian Boost for Homeowners

A discussion on the Experian Boost service, which allows individuals to potentially increase their credit scores by reporting regular payments like utilities and streaming services. The host mentions how this can be beneficial for homeowners considering options like a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), which often relies on credit scores for better rates.

Texting Techniques for Real Estate Agents

Script Sharing for Homeowner Engagement

The host shares a text script aimed at homeowners, asking if they are interested in a cash offer or seeking full market value for their homes. This script is designed to engage homeowners and gauge their interest in selling, providing a direct way to start conversations and potentially list more properties.

Importance of Personalized Communication

There’s a focus on the importance of customizing communication. The host explains how personalizing text messages and emails with details like the recipient’s name and address can significantly increase engagement and responses.


Upcoming Sessions and Call to Action

The show wraps up with a reminder about the next sessions, including a mastermind on short-form video content and retargeting strategies for real estate marketing. The host encourages listeners to join these sessions to learn more about effective real estate marketing and client engagement strategies.

Final Thoughts

The hosts discuss the importance of proactive communication in real estate, particularly through direct messaging and personalized engagement. They stress the value of staying top of mind with clients and using every tool available to maintain and grow their business.

Remember, whether you’re a seasoned real estate professional or just starting out, every day is a learning opportunity. Keep engaging with your clients, stay curious, and never stop growing. Tune in next time for more insights and tips from the Wake Up Real Estate Show!

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