“Co-Branded” Mortgage App Links (tech tip Thursday) | Wake Up Real Estate Show 3/7/24

Introduction and Tech Tip Preview

Good morning! Welcome back to “Wake Up Real Estate” with Ryan. It’s a beautiful Thursday morning, and Ryan is here after attending an amazing Mastermind event. He might share some cool ideas from the event in the coming days. Also, don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe, and hit the bell for notifications. Ryan has also posted a home seller Q&A on social media, with a touch of help from ChatGPT!

Podcast Popularity and Listener Engagement

Ryan talks about the popularity of the podcast, noting that they get several hundred downloads each week. He encourages listeners to leave ratings and reviews to help boost visibility. Ryan then asks the audience about their last open house to get some interaction going and shares his own experiences with hosting open houses.

The Strategy Behind Open Houses

Discussing the strategy and benefits of open houses, Ryan transparently tells sellers that open houses often benefit the realtor more than the seller. However, they can still be a valuable tool for exposure and potentially attracting buyers, especially in a slower market.

Client Engagement and the Importance of Video Content

Ryan shares a success story about past clients looking to upgrade their home. He emphasizes the importance of video content in engaging clients and converting leads. Ryan uses tools like Loom and BombBomb to explain documents to clients, which saves time and enhances understanding.

Enhancing Client Communication with Video Tools

Video tools not only help in explaining documents but also in initial client engagement. Ryan explains how creating personalized videos can significantly improve response rates and help build relationships with potential clients.

Co-Branded Mortgage Application Links

Ryan introduces today’s tech tip: creating co-branded mortgage application links. These links can be shared at open houses or online, providing a seamless way for potential buyers to apply for mortgages, potentially increasing conversions and facilitating smoother transactions.

Utilizing Technology to Enhance Real Estate Transactions

He explains how using these co-branded links in various settings—like emails, direct messages, or even during in-person meetings—can make the mortgage application process easier for clients. Ryan provides a call to action, encouraging listeners to reach out if they want their own co-branded link.


Ryan wraps up the episode by discussing the effectiveness of the strategies and tools mentioned throughout the show. He emphasizes the importance of technology in real estate and how it can streamline processes and improve client interactions.

Call to Action

If you found these tips helpful and want to learn more about enhancing your real estate business with technology, don’t forget to subscribe for more insights and updates. Let’s make the most of our real estate opportunities together!

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