Dead Guy On The Floor (Real Estate Video Home Tour Tactic)

The video above is a tour of a Philadelphia bank owned property from 15 years ago…

taken with one of those old pink flip cameras… remember those?

flip Video camera

At about 90 seconds in you’ll see the kid (ryan’s son) poke the “dead Guy” (Ryan) with a stick… and the chase ensues 🙂

The biggest thing we regret about this video is that it didn’t start with the dead Guy poke in the first few seconds, in order to grab attention and give the algorithm what it wants.

But hey, 15 years ago, who knew 🙂 !?!?

Put fake dead people in your real estate videos, then poke them with a stick?

Ok, so we see you there smiling, and maybe thinking… “nah, I’d never do that… that’s unprofessional”

And that’s ok, if this isn’t your style, totally fine.

But could you see maybe placing a mannequin, or some other strange item in the house, just to grab people early on in the vid? Or maybe just an occasional Mr T or pooping dog?

Or maybe just do the tour running through the house really fast (for no explained reason?)

Or possibly just do your video home tours in black & white, or some other interesting filter…

Because after all, this is a competitive business and you’ve gotta do something …. anything to stand out right?

Real Estate Agent Pointing Down