December 1, 2023

December 1, 2023


Today is Follow-up Friday on the Wake Up Real Estate show! We’re going to talk about some fun holiday ideas and updates. Let’s see what happened on the show!

Holiday Inspired Postcards

Creative Ideas

The show started with some cool holiday-inspired postcards. These are special cards you can send to people to wish them happy holidays. They have bright colors and fun pictures that make people smile.

Using Direct Mail

The host talked about how you can use these postcards in direct mail campaigns. This means you can send these cards to people in the mail to share holiday cheer and maybe even some special offers!

Newsletter Template

Emailing the Database

This morning, the host emailed a newsletter to everyone in their database. A database is like a big list of people’s names and email addresses. The newsletter had some holiday themes and talked about Christmas lights and other festive topics.

Creating a Festive Newsletter

They showed the template they used for the newsletter. A template is like a guide that helps you create something, like a newsletter, easily. This template had lots of holiday decorations and fun things to read.

Follow-Up Direct Mail Campaigns

Campaign Updates

Next, the host gave updates on some follow-up direct mail campaigns. These are special plans where you send mail to people more than once to keep in touch with them. The host shared which ones are working well and helping them stay connected with people.

Successful Strategies

The show shared some tips on what makes these campaigns successful. They talked about things like sending mail regularly and making sure the messages are interesting and helpful for the people receiving them.


That’s all for today’s Follow-Up Friday on the Wake Up Real Estate show! We learned about holiday postcards, a festive newsletter, and some great tips for follow-up mail campaigns. It was a fun and festive episode!

If you want to learn more and join the fun, check out Wake Up Real Estate on YouTube or visit wakeup.realestate. Don’t miss out on the next live show at 11!

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