Direct Mail “Double Tap” Wake Up Real Estate! Episode #33 3/22/2023

Ryan (00:02):
Can’t find my phone. Can’t find my phone.

Josh (00:04):
Good morning and welcome to Wake Up Real Estate, Wednesday, March 22nd. It’s opening day here in the Shane Lee household. My oldest son, they have their first official game. It was supposed to be Friday. The weather forecast the next couple days is awful, so they moved it up to a nice day where it’s going to be in the sixties and the sun is shining. So excited for that this afternoon and we’ve got some fun, exciting stuff to share today. I’ve got some great follow ups to yesterday’s texting. Tuesday I actually sent out, I have three buckets of emails at three different emails that went to different buckets. Let’s say three different emails that went to different buckets or segments of people in my database. I’m going to share those. We’re going to dive into the dir, what I’m calling the direct mail Double tap. Direct mail double tap. What’s that?

Ryan (01:02):
Oh yeah, that’s a good, yeah. Yeah, I like that one.

Josh (01:04):
Right on. And we got, as we always do, I’m sure we’ll get into a bunch more stuff as well. If this is your first time or 33rd time joining us, please like comments, subscribe, share, and smash the bell. I just recorded a fun little YouTube short to try and get more people subscribing and can I, so we appreciate those that are subscribing and hope that you share with others to do so as well. What do you got in your hand there

Ryan (01:32):
Related to your short? I want to show everybody the card that goes out when you subscribe to the Wake Up real estate site, because I got a return, so I have an example here, but this is a thanks that I owe coffee gift card that you’ll get in the mail if you subscribe. So a little bit of a shameless bribe. Yeah, if you’re not already subscribed, you’re going to subscribe to the YouTube channel and then head on over to wake up dot real estate slash coffee to get your free coffee.

Josh (01:54):
Beautiful. Ernest. Good morning, Mike. Good morning, George. Good morning, Ernest Zombie land. Sure. Also, rule number two, double tap and Callie here. Does that mean Callie in the house? Lynette? Is that what we mean there? Call Callie’s in the house this morning so it’s bright and early where you’re at. So we appreciate you hopping on at, what is it? 7 7 0 7 7 0 0 2, whatever in the morning. Love it. Love it. Okay. What

Ryan (02:25):
Are you drink in Mylanta?

Josh (02:26):
No, I’m sorry. So I needed some protein. I was getting a little shaky, so I’m just being in between, between sip sips of coffee. I’m sipping a protein shake to get some,

Ryan (02:37):
I don’t even know what Mylanta is. I don’t know why that came to my head. Yeah, I

Josh (02:40):
Don’t, I Google. Anyway, anyway, morning to you Mike McKeean. Good morning to you. All right, what do we got first and foremost? Are we starting with the question of the day, Ryan?

Ryan (02:53):
Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s do it. Okay. So the question of the day wake up dot real estate slash question, do you send just listed postcards for every listing? And if you guys could, we’re trying to get engagement around the question of the day, if you could go to wake up dot real estate slash question, that’ll land you in the Facebook group now. And just to answer that question, do you send just listed sold cards? And what I’m going to try to do as we did in the beginning, we’re going to try to pick one person a day and throw some thanks to IO credits in your account. Like 20, $20 worth of credits for one random responder to bribe you guys to engage. And you know what we’re doing here in full transparency, if you can get people to engage on your stuff, it leads to good things. So yeah, you should do this kind of stuff in your own real estate practice as you,

Josh (03:37):
And I’ll answer publicly here. The only time I don’t is if I just randomly had a listing fall on my lap, then I don’t want more of those. And even then, it probably still makes sense to send a just listed, because it’s good for the client, the actual seller of the home to get help. Get the word out.

Ryan (03:57):
Yeah, I mean a lot of us probably have that in our pre-listing packages. You, it’s a, it’s should be stacking the cool, so to speak in your pre-listing package. And that’s one of those easy things because it always leads to more business for you. So you’re marketing the property, but it’s high leverage. You’re going to generate buyer leads in the process

Josh (04:13):
Itself. This, so when I talk to a seller about the things that we do, this is perfect foreshadowing because I actually, I have to call a seller that replied to one of the emails that I’m going to share on the show this morning and said, we’re in the process of interviewing agents. They need to sell their home and they’re downsizing. And when I go and talk with them, having things like this where you can demonstrate what you do that is of better value, number one, differentiates you. But I will often get people asking, well, who pays for that? And I will very transparently say, we pay for that. There’s no cost or obligation to you. And I tell them very, very transparently, one of the reasons why we do a lot of what we do is there’s only one person that can buy your house, your home, your property. But it oftentimes leads to more client opportunities for us. Now, I don’t always transparently share that, but if I feel like there’s some skepticism of why would you do all that? Yeah, I mean it’s a logical explanation. We’re in business, there’s only one person that’s buying your house and we may get more or other opportunities from that. So

Ryan (05:27):
Very cool. So hopping to the social post today, do you have one? I do have a pretty cool one. I think

Josh (05:32):
I, I was so busy, so I was ready to lose by. Yeah, I was recording. I had to record my BombBomb video or my core video for my smoking hot deals. I had to record it three times because I don’t know what the heck was going on. So I ran out of time. I had intended to post on social around my smoking hot deals and I ran out of time. So I’m going to have to post that later.

Ryan (06:02):
So I did a quick video this morning. I posted this to the Wake Up real estate group as well. And I took the built-in reporting that I think all of our MLSs have. There’s so much stuff in your MLS that you Yeah, totally get is there. And I noticed this little tab in Stellar this morning. It was just like reports and there were 10 different options. I could filter and sort in all different ways. And I just did this quick little video about sold price to list price ratios and just made the case that the market is still strong. If you want to sell, you can sell at today’s market. So you guys can watch the video if you want. It’s in the Facebook group. But just an idea,

Josh (06:35):
More importantly, I’m sure people are wondering how did you make the video? How did you do the drawing on the video? How did you add the call to action thing? A jiggy that you added? How did it, yeah,

Ryan (06:46):
That’s all. I just use Screencast Matic. It’s my favorite tool. You could use any of these kind of screencasting tools and I like their editor. It just makes life easy. It automatically follows my cursor. I added some text on top and I don’t think I really edited this one too heavily. I just added this a little bit of text. You’ll do not, you will notice that I did do a call to action. This is a KV core text code. So Josh, when you text this, this is a little tip for everybody. If you’re using text responses, if you text home value to that number, please don’t do it because we’ll get false positives guys at the office as a robot.

Josh (07:19):
Delia’s office is going to call you to try and list.

Ryan (07:21):
Yeah, don’t do it. Please. All it does is it replies back and it says, oh cool, thanks for requesting your home value. What’s your address? Yep, that’s it doesn’t actually send ’em a report. Cause we don’t have the address if they do that.

Josh (07:32):
And so I’ve, I’ve got something set up similar with cash offer text, cash offer to this number to get a cash offer on your property. Well, we can’t give you a cash offer if we don’t have the address. So I’m asking the same thing. Hey, thanks for your interest. What’s the address of the property you’d like a cash offer for?

Ryan (07:49):
And then you’re back. Then you’re in conversation.

Josh (07:51):
Exactly, exactly. Love it, love it. Oh, so one quick note. Ryan loves screen Screencast for that. I more have been using Loom for that for whatever reason. And that’s a personal preference thing. I just like that a little bit easier. It Android, apple, Android app. I mean it’s find what works for you and what you will work with. It’s like it’s what’s the best crm? The best CRM is the one that you use. Ryan likes Screencast Matic for screen recordings. I like Loom. There’s no right or wrong answer. It’s whatever you use or just do it. Yeah, exactly.

Ryan (08:29):
Take your phone out and record your screen with your phone. It it’s be,

Josh (08:33):
In fact, I had, when I first started TikTok and short form videoing, which is a great foreshadowing, we’re still working on what we promised from Monday’s Mastermind on short form video. We still have to put together a checklist. The video is edited, et cetera. And then we’re doing part two of that next Monday at 11:00 AM Eastern short form video. When I first started doing those, a lot of the time, I would literally, I’d talk to the camera and then I’d flip the camera to something on my screen, a blog post or a graph or whatever. This is an easy way to create it. Now, you could could also just screen record your actual phone as well. Yeah, if you’re, especially if you’re doing short form where it’s the horizontal

Ryan (09:23):
Video, Josh, let’s be blunt, mean 10 years ago maybe this stuff was kind of new. But if you’re in business today, no matter what your business is, real estate or not, you kind of got to have these technical capabilities. You can’t let them get in the way. You got to go get your MOO or screen cosmetic account. Just figure it out. Sp spend an hour with a thing

Josh (09:39):
It will. Figuring that out will save you a great deal of time in the long run. Yeah, I was having a conversation yesterday with one of our mortgage guys actually. We’ve got a program where we work with real estate agents who also want to add mortgage as another revenue share. I’m sorry, yeah. Revenue share or revenue based Revenue stream. Yeah. Yeah, revenue stream. And if you’d like to chat about that, josh fifteen.com. Anyway, we were talking about a stumbling point in his conversations with mortgage folks. And I said, the solution is basically he was getting resistance of people completing an application. I said, here’s the simple solution you need to do Loom showing them how to do the application and giving them reasons why they should complete the application. And it’s as simple as this. Our value proposition is, Hey Ryan, this is the link that you’re going to go to complete an application. Now keep in mind once you do that, what that allows us to do is to shop our over 200 lenders to get you the very best deal and financing option possible. But if I can show them, if you show them what it looks like and it’s like, just enter your name here and you give them a reason why they should, what’s

Ryan (11:08):
In it, what’s in it for you

Josh (11:10):
For sure. And so here’s another way that I use that type of video that saves me a ton of time. When I send contracts for electronic signing, I always record a video that says, here’s what I’ve sent to you. Here’s what all of it means. If you have any questions, let me know. They usually end up being three to five minutes. Rarely do anyone not send them back. And if I were to do that in person, I mean, how much time would that take

Ryan (11:44):
Me? Dude, I remember, I don’t know how much of my mid to early twenties I spent at the office at eight o’clock at night for two hours explaining every line in the agreement of sale.

Josh (11:53):
They don’t care. They can read it. They’re getting the document if they want to. Not that you’re hiding anything. What I do in the video is explain the important particulars. Now remember you said you were okay with putting a $5,000 earn money deposit, and we talked about how we were going to opt in for the home inspection and the termite inspection. I’m pointing out those things that are of importance or worth highlighting. So

Ryan (12:21):
I’m annoyed you didn’t do that from ideal. And I think you owe me a video. You need to go.

Josh (12:25):
I probably do. And so this is egg. This is pie. Egg in my face, egg on my face. I didn’t do it for Ryan because Ryan’s in real estate, but I should

Ryan (12:35):
Just want to make you do it just

Josh (12:36):
For Ryan usually. Yeah. George, can I do an example on Loom in one of the classes? Absolutely. George. Yeah, we’ll do that that next week as well. But Jordan all, or George, what I would recommend is just download Loom. It’s free and just try it. You’re not going to break it. And

Ryan (12:58):
A lot of these tools, I mean they have so many videos on YouTube about how to use them

Totally. Screen Matic loom you. You’ll find a hundred videos and you really only need to watch one or two and you’ll get the gist. Yeah. Alright. Mortgage rates, macro stuff. We’ve been kind of skipping on. I don’t think we need to necessarily do this every day, but we like to touch on mortgage demand is increasing again. That’s kind of cool. Right? Yeah. Interest rates are rising. Just a tad here. This is just the headlines on cnbc. Mortgage rates are coming up a little, but we’re still right there in the high to mid six is better than we were about a month ago.

Josh (13:33):
And I think demand rising may also just be a factor of it’s March. It’s getting warmer officially spring. And so that there may not be any correla. Obviously interest rates going up and demand mortgage demand going up. Those aren’t necessarily correlated. You would think that they would have an inverse correlation, but I think it’s probably just a factor of the sun’s been shining, it’s springtime, et cetera.

Ryan (14:03):
Just to be a Debbie Downer a little bit, I did see this article on Wall Street Journal yesterday. It’s behind a paywall, but yet it will be interesting to see what happens with the mortgage market with all this banking stuff going on. Cause remember, a lot of the debt out there is mortgage debt. So Josh, I’d be interested to see if the individual lenders that you work with, the individual that you guys broker to, if they start to tighten some conditions, if the underwriting standards get a little tighter. So

Josh (14:29):
It’s totally normal. Yeah, totally normal. And then that also creates opportunity because then some of the other lenders intentionally go the other way to capture

Ryan (14:38):

Josh (14:39):
So I guess that’s the nice thing that we have to be able to shop all of these lenders. We can find the ones that are going, that are zigging when everyone else is zagging kind of thing. Yeah.

Ryan (14:51):
That’s the biggest benefit of working with a broker.

Josh (14:53):
Yeah, totally.

Ryan (14:53):
Versus just maybe a direct lender or somebody. Yeah.

Josh (14:56):
Yep. Okay. Is this a pre-recorded video of a blank contract or I record every time. If I’m sending people a full packet, I record for them. Now, I do also have videos about general things like what’s an E M D? What’s an earnest money deposit? So I have a general explanation of what that is. I won’t go into a detailed explanation, but if they’re not sure, oh, here, here’s a video that explains that. Or I don’t know, I forget. I have a few of those. I don’t remember other topics, but those are more generality. But when I send a packet for electronic signing, I am recording a video specific for that client or those clients because it’s just been my experience that I’ve had very few that didn’t come back.

Ryan (15:49):
Yeah, that’s a great content to record and have a library to save you time to send to people. But also just to put into drip emails and stuff. Josh, we should make a list of what those videos might be.

Josh (16:01):
Absolutely. I think we probably, honestly, Mike, Mike, if you can dig that up, I think we probably do somewhere in the archives of our Google Drive. Google Docs, yeah. Because it’s been a topic that’s come up numerous times on my huddles for my organization. Someone asked what is look for, I think you meant Loom Loom or Screen recording. So it’s a great laptop or desktop screen recording software. I mean, I guess is it, would that be technically, I mean it’s just a Chrome extension that you can add. And they do have an app, but I don’t really use the app on my phone. I really only use Loom on my laptop really when I use it. And I use Loom mostly for tutorials or training kind of things. That’s primarily if I’m sending a personal video message, I use BombBomb or an example I’m going to show in a minute. I use Core Video, which is the BombBomb engine inside of KV Core. Yeah. But I’ll use Loom if I, I’ll use Loom if I’m recording something that I’m talking through. For example, I’ve got their contracts or agreements, disclosures, et cetera up. And I’ll just kind of scroll through and you can put a little talking head in the bottom corner. You can move it around or you can not have it. You don’t have to have the little talking head. It can just be your screen.

Ryan (17:36):
I may make the switch to Loom. Josh, I, I’m a little annoyed with Screencast Mac. They made drawing an extra four clicks to draw while you talk. It just baffles me. They made it harder. How is it on Loom?

Josh (17:48):
I haven’t done the drawing. Okay. I need to play with that. But Loom has, it’s definite, loom is definitely better. They’ve made improvements over the last couple years. The editing part of it and stuff is, it’s a lot easier,

Ryan (18:02):
But it’s, it’s way more expensive than Screencast. Now I’m getting stink

Josh (18:06):
Face going the other way because Screencast, you probably play that like per year.

Ryan (18:11):
It’s 50 a year, which is the best 50 bucks a year I spend, it’s like four bucks a month. But I’ll, I’ll still play with Loom and see what I can get. But you can get a free account here with Loom or Screencast you play with Yes, play

Josh (18:22):
Around. And I used the free when I first started using it. I mean I used the free account until I used up all like the storage. I forget how many, it’s a number of videos or number of, I don’t know. Anyway, okay, let’s get into the good meat and potatoes of today’s

Ryan (18:35):
Session. Yeah. And I’ll let you do your core content, but I want to plug something cause I put a lot of work in.

Josh (18:40):
Yes. Oh geez. I ran out of time to watch this morning too because I was fighting with Core and then I had a call with some sellers that I’m working with and negotiating a cash offer. So I’ve been productive this morning, but I wanted to watch this and I will definitely watch it this afternoon.

Ryan (18:57):
So guys, we’re working toward this funnel framework. I mean it’s something Josh and I in different ways have talked about for years and years. But what we’re doing is we’re setting the stage to start to talk about these individual niches and to give you all the components that go into building out a full niche. And we’re going to be going through and doing new construction, doing in investing, doing fixers, doing downsizing. But within with all those niches, there’s an overarching framework you would call it. Yes. So what I did yesterday, it’s a little bit rambling, it’s 26 minutes. Go ahead and watch it at two x speed I kind of created kind, what’s that?

Josh (19:33):
Or at least 1.75.

Ryan (19:35):
Yeah, I might be too fast at two x, but just if you have time, give it a look. I think you’ll get some good tidbits out of it, but it’ll give you a lot more context on the little stuff that we are, all these little examples we show you from day to day, they all actually fit into this overarching framework. So yeah, Ryan,

Josh (19:54):
Most people probably know this, but some probably don’t. Can you show people how to speed up?

Ryan (19:59):

Josh (19:59):
Yeah. When I’m watching video after the fact, or I’m listening to podcasts after the fact, I rarely listen at the regular speed. Same

Ryan (20:08):

Josh (20:09):
Yeah, it’s usually at least 1.5, if not 1.752 most times is maybe a little bit too fast for me to really digest what’s being shared. But you can do that on your laptop or desktop. You can do it with the YouTube app and obviously on podcast platforms as well. And I would say in most cases there’s very few people that you can’t go one and a half at least and still catch everything. You’re not missing anything.

Ryan (20:40):
It’s funny. The only time I have problems with that, when somebody has an accent, it’s interesting cause your brain is trying to process the right even though they’re speaking totally fine at regular speed and you understand the English is good. Yeah. But 1.5

Josh (20:53):
David, it’s on the wake up real estate YouTube channel, and I’m sure it’s somewhere on the site as well.

Ryan (20:59):
It’ll be on the site in an hour. I haven’t actually put it there yet, but

Josh (21:02):
You can find it on, just go to the channel and you can find it there if you want. Yeah,

Ryan (21:05):
It’ll be one of the most recent videos and it’ll be somewhere. Okay, Josh,

Josh (21:11):
So I want to cover, cover the emails and then we’ll get into the direct mail double tap, which is really just theory or just a framework. And the reason why it came up for me, we were talking about George in Cape Coral and a direct mail campaign that he sent recently that crushed it and crushed it as far as initial response. But I wanted to talk about what to do with the response. But I want to start with the emails because I want to make good on a promise from yesterday, which I was going to take the texting scripts from texting Tuesday and then repurpose them as emails to different segments or buckets of my email list. So I segmented out and I sent three separate emails this morning and the one may not have gone out yet. I schedule it to go at 10.

It was the one where I was fighting with the core video to get my video to record. I had to record, I literally recorded a four minute video three times before it actually saved and worked. I was really good at talking about the properties at that point. But the first two were text scripts from yesterday, one for buyer, one for seller. And if you missed yesterday’s session number one, shame on you. Just kidding. There was a lot of weird dead air as I was trying to filter and stuff. But the scripts that were shared, the reverse psychology or take away tech script, that thing works like crazy. So you definitely want to go back and use that. And then I repurposed them as emails here. So the first email that I sent was to my buyer. I segmented all buyers that were either prospect or new lead and that I had had email and were subscribed to email, which was in this case 4,100. And this is the email, the subject line. I literally just put a question mark because I trying different stuff. We’ll see the message. Morning first name. I know you’re probably not ready to buy right now, embedded command. But when you do find your dream home, and I don’t know, I don’t know. This is interesting. I was thinking about this after I sent it, should I have said, but when we do find your dream

Ryan (23:39):

Josh (23:42):
And then you would be here, so be, I think it might don’t know, it might be better to say

Ryan (23:48):
Future pacing.

Josh (23:50):
Future pacing, and you’re sort of embedding in there like that. We are going to find it for you. So I think that may be a better way to communicate that. So when we do find your dream home, do you have a home you’d need to sell first, let me know. Thanks Josh. And in this scenario now again, I always recommend follow whatever laws, blah, blah, blah. Follow. I didn’t put my signature file here. I wanted this to feel like a direct personal communication, but don’t tell on me and do whatever you you’re supposed to do. Okay? The seller version. So I went, seller has email and subscribed to email prospect or new lead. I didn’t want to send it to the active leads because a lot of those I’ve kind of in communication, they’re getting market updates and market reports. They’re getting my home iq, et cetera.

I just kind of wanted to reengage some that we knew we have their address, we know that they are a homeowner. In this one, I put first name question as the subject, the message morning first name. I know you’re probably not ready to sell right now. Again, embedded command. But when the time is right, will you be trading up or right-sizing quote, let me know. And this one already has me a potential listing appointment. Fellow named Bob emailed back, I already mentioned this earlier on the show. He emailed back saying, we’re getting ready to sell our home in Dover. So by right by our guy Mike. And

Ryan (25:31):
Is it back at Dover or front of Dover?

Josh (25:34):

Ryan (25:35):
Michael liked that joke.

Josh (25:36):
Yeah, at least one person is loud. I don’t even know. And now I’m going to have to ask Mike what that Anyway, he said, we’re in the process of or looking or we’re getting started or ready to interview agents. And so that is multiple transaction opportunities there and it’s a great callback to, and Ryan and I have been discussing this the last couple days as it relates to Ryan’s framework around niches. I’m going to fully framework out for downsizing in my market. And we’ve got another person on my team that we’re launching a campaign for him that we’re on our mortgage team is acting as their personal marketing assistance and so forth. So we we’re going to take that framework in Ryan’s video and give you very specific tactical, tactical, tangible examples of executing that with the exact how-to checklist, et cetera. The last one, the last email, and I sent this one just to the active buyer email addresses.

Now I would’ve sent it to all buyer emails, but I wanted to use the reverse psychology takeaway script, but I also wanted to continue to send out my smoking hot deals of the week. Now I have been sending ’em out on Tuesday, but I got it out right. It’s Wednesday. I know, but I got it out. It only took me three times to record this video for it to work subject line first name your smoking hot deals of the week. And I featured five properties, which I went and found these properties at five 30 this morning to feature on here. And I’ve got a variety. I’ve got some fixers actually. I have a fixer, a two unit, a luxury, a kind of middle of the road, good condition, could be a first time or even a downsize because it’s a single family, could even be a rental property.

And then I’ve got one that is perfect for a downsizer. It’s a maintenance free single story, et cetera. And there are reasons why for each of them and the reasons why were similar in a lot of cases that they’ve been on the market for a while. They’ve had multiple price reductions. But each one I sort of had a little story around or about. And I’ve got the links to the individual property sites for each of them where they can go and look at all the pictures, get up to the minute pricing, and then some other teaser calls to action. Now this one, because I did mention financing and business funding, et cetera, I did put my N M L S info in here, but I still didn’t do my full signature, super signature signature file kind of thing on that. Okay. Any questions, comments, et cetera on that before we get into the direct mail double tap.

Can you send this sample, George, are you talking about the smoking hot deals? If so, we can do you one better, George. We can get the share code, we can add it. And Mike, I think already has that, has done that, added it as a smart campaign that we can share code in it so that you have a template to work from. Now obviously you’re going to have to record your own video or if you’re not going to use video, take my video out of that. You don’t want to be sending my video. But yes, we’ve got that for you, George. Just hit up Mike and George is one of our co-marketing partners, so we can get that into your account real easy. And if you’re not that sit situation or scenario, we’ll get it the KV core share code. And I think Mike had already put together a document with yesterday’s scripts, so we’ll add that as an example there as well. So

Ryan (29:30):
Yeah, there’s a little script section up at the top of the wake up site guys under the stuff you can swipe with the picture of swiper. So we’re trying to get everything in there. If you see something we talk about that’s not there, just give us a comment and be like, where is it guys? And we’ll get it in.

Josh (29:42):
Yeah. So I don’t want to go too much longer, but I want to talk about the direct mail double tap because I use that. I thought that was clever. I love it. So anyway, here’s Ryan and I have been working through this idea. We’ve shared a couple of times recently about the real estate transaction list postcard that he sent out in Gulfport, Florida. It got eight scans, eight scans out of a hundred sends and already has a come list me seller, right? Then yesterday, George Hops on Ryan’s thanks office hours and says he sent out 200 or 220, something like that. Got 26 scares.

Ryan (30:24):
George, I don’t want to pick on George, but he’s like, how do I know if I’m getting anything? And I almost lost my mind because I was looking through casually. Oh, I don’t think you got anything. 26 out of 200 it Yeah, it killed it. George’s card did really well. And you, George wrote the card, by the way, he deserves credit. It was his I idea copy and everything. So,

Josh (30:42):
So the double tap part of this, what I’m saying with this is you send the postcard out, you get people to respond, then what? Okay. And what I mean by double tap is with thanks, you can set it up so that every time when someone scans the initial postcard that you send to get response, the double tap can be another direct piece of direct mail goes out. But not only that other marketing follow up goes out,

Ryan (31:19):
George can interrupt George response. George, do you mind if I show your card? Keep going, Josh. I just want to

Josh (31:24):
Confirmation. Yeah, just let us know when the comments, George, if you’re okay with us showing the card. Yeah, I think he took one of my cards. Oh, okay. But just made it his own. I’m not saying I think he was, anyway, thanks. The point is whether you use automation, which can be done with thanks, or you manually do the double tap, that is the way to really crush it with direct mail. And I know this may be kind of obvious, but here’s what I know. I talk with agents a lot and I am shocked by the number of agents that I’ve talked to even recently that tell me I’ve been sending out postcards using X, Y, Z service and I’m not going to bash any of them. And I’ve been sending ’em for six months. And I’m like, well, what kind of response are you getting? I haven’t gotten any. What are you just burning that money? What are we doing? The point of direct mail is what you’re trying to do is take a targeted audience and make an even more narrowly targeted audience. I mean, the

Ryan (32:34):
Point of all marketing is this, honestly, but Exactly. Yeah. It’s another channel to do with.

Josh (32:39):
And so I teased this on Monday and then maybe even yesterday, and we’re building this out, but I’m doing this in my, I’m taking this idea in my market, in my township, I’m taking a targeted list of my neighborhood and then likely sellers in the rest of the township. And I’m going to deploy this direct mail double tap, but not just one time. We’re going to set it up so that it is an ongoing monthly campaign where I am building a targeted list of the people most likely to not only sell their property in the next 6, 9, 12 months, but also to do so with me as their agent or when the time comes.

Ryan (33:25):
So to fill in the gaps here, George, he got 27 out of 2 29 scans, which is 11.7%. Now I did, look, this is something we need to fix at thanks. Some of the people scanned TW more than one time. So it throws off the numbers. I think we’re going to address this in the thanks dashboard and show you who the multiple scanners are. But there’s a good point in that, George, if you’re listening, I think you’re still listening. If look through your scan rates, there’s a few people who scan twice or four times. So I would key in on those people who are kind of re-engaging with the card multiple times in the dashboard. You could see it in the scan column here and then the card itself, just because we told people, we’d show them Josh, and I’ll let you finish your thought here. The card itself goes to George’s home valuation tool, but it’s just check out the current value of property in Cape Coral. And this is merging in the picture of the property for that individual person of their house. So whatever

Josh (34:17):
Is very easy to execute on with thanks that io and if you get stuck, we can help.

Ryan (34:22):
Yeah. And George did this kind of as just sold, your neighbors probably just sold. You can scan the QR code to see what a buyer might pay for your house. And I guess this is some copy that you had and George kind of adjusted it a little

Josh (34:32):
Bit. Yep, yep. Which, all right,

Ryan (34:34):
Keep going on the double tap. Josh, you want to talk about what you mean by that? Yeah,

Josh (34:37):
So someone scans that is the double tap part of that. They scan. Now you, you’ve need to either drop off a CMA or email them a report on their property. You need to make sure that you get them into my home IQ as a seller nurture or home bot, or at minimum some sort of market update, market report kind of thing. You could also set them up in your ml. So here, you know, could do this in MLS or KV Corp. Set them up to be notified of new listings in their neighborhood coming soon. New listings pending and sold, right? Because they’re curious about that stuff. The cool thing is KV core with the hashtag area pages that can kind of be automated, that piece of it,

Ryan (35:32):
Well, you can actually trigger an automated search in KV core by a hashtag.

Josh (35:38):

Ryan (35:39):
Any of the scanners here guys, you can build a Z that pushes into KV corp. It pushes them onto another thanks list for follow up mail. It could be like a quadruple tap, Josh,

Josh (35:49):
Right? Exactly. Yeah, exactly. But the double tap part of it is if they responded by direct mail, you need to get another piece of physical mail to them, whether it’s dropping it off or using thanks to send. So for example, very tangible example here. And in fact, it’s funny, it’s actually the guy that replied that is interviewing agents. He came in over the weekend from one of my ad campaigns, part of some interaction we had, or our mortgage team had conversation with him that indicated that he owned a home already. So we dispo him, found his address. And Mike this morning through thanks, sent out a report. You want to bring up my account and show? Yeah, I’ll bring it up. So Mike, we created the report with R P R and send it out to Bob and his wife this morning. And that will hopefully help position me when I do have an in-person appointment with Bob and his wife, hopefully later this week sometime.

Ryan (37:02):
There he is. Back at Dover. It’s back at Dover.

Josh (37:04):
Back at Dover. There you go. But let’s is, hold on. We’ll here.

Ryan (37:11):
Oh, sorry, I thought I had the screen

Josh (37:12):
On. All good. So there’s a cover letter and then there is, I don’t know, 8, 9, 10 page report, which is just from R p r.

Ryan (37:22):
Dude, I’m going to gush on thanks. And it amazes me sometimes and I’m, but look at the weighted phone numbers, like the difference in the waiting of the in

Josh (37:32):
It’s I,

Ryan (37:33):
This is Justin Tracy mean it’s really good. Really good. It looks like you pushed harder on your phone number and just happens automatically. Go ahead.

Josh (37:42):
And that’s his property. It’s a report straight out of R P r. Now the customization that’s in there, and you may or may not even know this, you can add, so scroll up a little rhyme to page two of the extra pages.

Ryan (38:01):

Josh (38:01):
One? Nope, the next one. Sorry, page three. Okay. Yep. That is a flyer that I built with three options, three alternate options to a traditional listing that we offer. Okay. And R P R, you can add those into your report. And then if you go to the last page, I’ve got screenshots of Google reviews that are just, you’re just making the case for, Hey, so you

Ryan (38:30):
Injected these into RPR itself. Exactly. And then when the PDF from RPR printed out, they’re in there.

Josh (38:36):
Exactly. Okay. Yep. We, before I figured out that you could do that, which I think somebody on my team let us know that we could do that. It wasn’t, I didn’t figure it out. We were using Adobe Acrobat or whatever and stitching together PDFs. This made it so much infinitely easier and faster to do. And we don’t have time today, but maybe if folks are interested, I’ll show you in where in rpr. You know what, that’s a perfect tech tip Thursday because everyone listening, or most of you anyway have access to rpr, we’ll show you that in there. We’ll probably have some other tech tips for Tech Tip Thursday also, but we’ll dig into that tomorrow and show you how to do that. And maybe some other cool stuff you could do with R P R. Like Ryan mentioned when he made his social video post that your m l s has some really cool stuff. Well, if you’ve got an R P R account, there’s some really cool stuff in there too. I forget often a bunch of really cool stuff that you can do in

Ryan (39:39):
There and it’s actually something valuable you get for your dues. It’s imagine that

Josh (39:42):
It may be the only thing of value that our,

Ryan (39:46):
We’re going to get in trouble.

Josh (39:48):
Okay, we’re going to get in trouble on record. We were talking over each other. No one understood what we were saying. Okay. All good.

Ryan (39:54):
I just want to point out the cost here in case people are wondering. So the base letter I think is a dollar or something. I don’t even know. Thanks pricing, I should. But Josh is able to attach the PDF d f file and then you pay like a 10 cents extra per page. But for three bucks this whole package went out

Josh (40:10):
20 a page, I think

Ryan (40:11):
20 cents a page with the front and the back. Yeah, yeah. But the key thing I’m hoping Mike can comment in, Mike, how long did it take you between R P R and getting the thanks letter out? There was some manual work, but I imagine five minutes, 10

Josh (40:25):
Minutes. Definitely. The thing that takes the longest, honestly, is for the R P R report to DING and be ready. That’s the thing that you’re waiting on. Otherwise, anytime you’re doing anything, zero to one is the hardest, right? But if you’ve got the process in place, it’s pretty streamlined and smooth. And here’s the thing for me. Mike says two or three minutes. So I’m in a Mike and I are in ru, a rural area. So I cover a large geographic territory. Now the direct mail, double tap tap campaign that we’re going to be launching, it’s my township. Everybody who opts in is going to be two to three miles away. In that scenario. I’ll be dropping off CMAs in my fancy dancing letters, but Dover, depending on where it’s Dover and I don’t know, back a front or whatever, but depending on where it is that it could be like 35 to 45 minutes from my house, I’m not going to go and drive and deliver that.

I’m sorry. I don’t have enough time to do that. And the cost of gas far exceeds the three bucks to send it out with thanks that I owe. And here’s another way you could, an application for the double tap. You send that out and you set a reminder for yourself that we’re not doing this, but we should. And in fact, Mike, let’s brainstorm on how we should do this. We should follow up with a text and email seven days later. Hey, did you get the package that I mailed you with a report on values and some other useful information on your property that

Ryan (42:07):
Can all be automated. Yeah,

Josh (42:08):
Yeah, totally. Totally.

Ryan (42:11):
There’s a comment, COR presents CMA versus RPR discussion will be helpful. I’m just going to say core present CMA for those of you who have access to it. And KV core is absolutely fantastic. It’s one of the best real estate tools I have ever seen. And it’s not talked about enough for those of you that have access to it through your offices at Core. And I would say that you probably want to use that and leverage all its features versus RPR R, but most people here probably don’t have access to

Josh (42:32):
That. Yeah.

Ryan (42:35):
And if you need specifics, go to the Inside Real estate YouTube channel for and Google search for corre present. You’ll see a lot of content about that.

Josh (42:42):
Not I have it, I use it and I don’t, sorry, I have access to it and we’re not using it. I probably should. I just, one

Ryan (42:48):
Of cool things about it is that it tells you get these really good analytics on the engagement on the actual report, right? Yeah. So if somebody’s actually reading a darn thing,

Josh (42:58):
Yeah, alright, we need to come in for a landing tomorrow as tech tip Thursday. We’ll dig into rpr. Maybe we’ll even dig into core presents since it came up. And some people have it, everybody on here, most of you most likely have rpr, so that’ll be applicable. But for those of our K V Q viewer KV core viewers, maybe we’ll dig into that a little bit. Play around with that. We’ll have some other stuff for Tech Tip Thursday as well. I will continuing to build out the direct mail, double tap for my campaign. I, I’ve got to build the, just transparently, I’m just letting you follow along today. I’m making the page that people will go to when they scan the QR code. It’ll be a video at top and it’ll be delivering the information that we’re promising on there. And then we’ve just got to build in some of the tech and actually schedule the card to go out and then track the progress of that.

Ryan (43:49):
And this will be released as a full kind of micro course on the website. And the niche will stuff I was talking about. That’s all coming soon too, guys. We’re, everything we talk about is going to be well documented and we’re getting to the point where we’re actually delivering on that.

Josh (44:03):
Right? Exactly. Slow and steady. Slow and steady wins the race trying to get a little bit better and make progress every day.

Ryan (44:11):
So that I, I’ve been going just for, it’s for thanks. It’s at 4:00 PM Eastern and it’s go do thanks.io/office hours. Lemme give you, I need a better link for that, but here it is on the screen.

Josh (44:22):
Go. Yeah. Anyway, and you can hit us up. And Michael probably comment in the YouTube stream with that link. There you go.

Ryan (44:31):
Perfect. Do you guys just, Josh, I want to ask, do you guys, would it be useful if Josh and I did a tech office hours a couple times a week? That was just q and a, not us. Just pushing stuff you, yeah,

Josh (44:42):
Cut us. Just throwing up on you. Everything. Yeah.

Ryan (44:44):
You come on maybe in the afternoon and just tell us what you want us to talk about specific tech issues. Let us know if you would like that in the comments below.

Josh (44:51):
Yeah. George says yes. Appreciate it. Yeah, appreciate it. Keep those comments coming. Okay. So like, comment, subscribe, share, smash the bell please. And thank you. Spread the word. If you’re getting value from these sessions, we want to help others. That’s why we’re doing it. We understand that there are lots of companies out there charging you lots of money to be helpful and we’re trying to be helpful in advance of that. So help us spread the word as far as that goes. If you’re listening on your favorite podcast platform, subscribe, rate, and review on there and let us know if, you know, have a topic, if you have a guest, if you have an idea that you’d like us to unpack on these sessions or even just sort of brainstorm banter about, hit us up, let us know. We’re open to that. And we want this to be of the best and most value for everyone on here. So

Ryan (45:46):
Hit the like button. Helps you out. Yeah,

Josh (45:48):
Smash it. Smash it. We’ll be back tomorrow. Tech tip Thursday. See you then.

Ryan (45:52):
See you guys.

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