Does Your Lead Conversion “Suck”? Follow Up Friday | Wake Up Real Estate 1/12/24


Welcome to today’s episode of “Wake Up Real Estate,” recorded on a slightly delayed Friday morning, January 12. The hosts, running a bit late due to a scheduling conflict, jump right into the topic of lead conversion in real estate marketing, questioning whether it’s as ineffective as some might believe.

Discussion on Lead Conversion

Exploring the Lead Conversion Issue

The hosts discuss the main question: “Does your lead conversion suck?” They suggest that the answer is not straightforward and depends on various factors. They plan to unpack this topic throughout the session.

Marketing Strategies in Real Estate

One host shares his plan to use his weekly email newsletter as a tool for improving lead conversion, explaining a change in his scheduled content due to a busy week. He emphasizes the importance of adapting marketing strategies to address current challenges in the real estate market.

Special Focus: Dealing with Airbnb Challenges

Current Issues with Airbnb Properties

Ryan introduces a discussion on the difficulties some people are facing with their Airbnb investments, particularly those who bought properties at the market’s peak. He highlights the problem of Airbnb properties not being as profitable as expected due to market fluctuations.

Proposed Solutions for Airbnb Investors

The hosts discuss several strategies to help Airbnb owners who are struggling, including refinancing to lower mortgage rates or converting properties to long-term rentals to stabilize income. They also suggest the option of selling the properties if continuing to manage them becomes too burdensome.

Technical Tips and Platform Discussion

Bonus Tech Tips

Amid the discussion, the hosts take a detour to share some technical advice on using different platforms and tools to manage real estate properties, including a property management platform called DoorLoop.

Technical Difficulties

The session experiences some technical glitches, leading to brief interruptions in the discussion. However, the hosts quickly address these issues and continue with their presentation.

Deep Dive into Lead Generation Strategies

Improving Lead Conversion Rates

The hosts explore detailed strategies to enhance lead conversion rates, emphasizing the need for realistic expectations and effective use of automation and retargeting in marketing campaigns.

Discussion on Various Marketing Tools

They discuss the benefits and drawbacks of different marketing tools and platforms, such as GetResponse and Constant Contact, helping listeners understand how to choose the best tools for their needs.

Conclusion: Key Takeaways and Future Plans

The hosts wrap up by summarizing the key points discussed, including the importance of proactive lead generation and continuous improvement in marketing strategies. They encourage listeners to apply these strategies to see better results in their real estate businesses.

Call to Action

Don’t forget to tune in next week for more insights on real estate marketing. Check out our website for additional resources and templates to help improve your lead conversion. Have a great weekend and keep striving for success in your real estate ventures!

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