Down Payment Assistance For The WIN (Mortgage Monday) | Wake Up Real Estate Show 11/27/23


Welcome to another exciting episode of the “Wake Up Real Estate Show”! Today isn’t just another Cyber Mondayβ€”it’s a special day because we’re going to talk about something way cooler than buying electronics. We’re diving into how down payment assistance can help you win in real estate, especially during the quieter winter months. Let’s light up those sales and get the real estate market buzzing!

Cyber Monday Chatter

Ryan’s Shopping and Channel Updates

While Ryan is busy with his Cyber Monday shopping, we’ll take this opportunity to remind everyone about the importance of subscribing to our channel. If you love our shows, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and smash the bell so you won’t miss any of our live sessions. We had a little break last week, but we’re back with tons of great stuff to share!

Motivation Monday with John Gordon

Today’s motivational tip comes from John Gordon, a fantastic author who knows how to lift spirits. He says, “Abundance flows into your life when gratitude flows out of your heart.” Remember, focusing on the good things in life brings more of them your way, so why not start or end your day by counting your blessings?

Discussion on Current Mortgage Rates

Ryan’s Social Post of the Day

Ryan has a cool update for us. He made a video comparing FHA rates from a year ago to today, showing they haven’t increased as much as people might think. This is great news for anyone thinking about buying a home now, especially with the help of down payment assistance.

Deep Dive into Down Payment Assistance

Why It’s a Good Time for FHA Loans

There’s been some favorable changes to FHA loans that make them a more attractive option right now. With fewer competing offers, it’s easier to get an FHA loan accepted than it was last year. This is a big plus for anyone looking to buy a home soon.

How Down Payment Assistance Can Help

Even though interest rates were rising, banks were adding extra costs to down payment assistance programs, making them less beneficial. However, with rates stabilizing and some costs decreasing, these programs are becoming more practical and beneficial again.

Practical Examples of How You Can Benefit

We’ll discuss how you can potentially buy a home with little to no money out of pocket using down payment assistance. For example, with a 5% down payment assistance covering both the down payment and some closing costs, plus potential seller help, you might just have to cover the appraisal fee!

Proactive Business Strategies

Using Real Estate Listings to Attract Clients

This morning, I stumbled upon a house listed at $424,000β€”a perfect candidate for down payment assistance. It’s in a great school district, and because the builder is motivated, we might negotiate even better terms for a buyer. This is how you proactively create business opportunities!

Engaging Potential Buyers and Renters

It’s crucial to reach out to previous leads or target new ones, like renters who might be on the fence about buying. Down payment assistance could be the nudge they need. Don’t forget to follow up personally and ask if they know anyone who might be interested in buying a home.

Looking Ahead

Upcoming Deep Dives and Guest Appearances

We have a packed schedule with deep dives on FHA and down payment assistance, guest appearances by successful realtors and mortgage professionals, and even some tech tips. All these sessions are designed to help you succeed in today’s market, so make sure to tune in!


Today’s discussion on down payment assistance and FHA loans shows just how many opportunities there are to help people achieve their dream of homeownership. Remember, the real estate market doesn’t sleep, and neither should your ambition. Keep pushing, keep innovating, and let’s make some amazing deals happen!

Interested in learning more? Join us tomorrow for an in-depth discussion and bring your questions. Let’s make this a great week in real estate together!

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