Down Payment Assistance To The Rescue! (Help MORE Buyers Buy This Winter!)

💲Down Payment Assistance To The Rescue!⛑ (Help MORE Buyers Buy This Winter!)

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What you should do NOW to get some clients in your pipeline:

1 – Make a list of everyone you worked with in the last 6, 12 or 18 months that should’ve bought a home but didn’t (and then follow up with them immediately to see if they’re still interested).

2 – Use these scripts to get into conversations with your database NOW: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qoPq0pFYqfdKKJiEEb9-nQBXS8rISxFKHNjfR5AayNM/edit

3 – Log into your MLS and find AT LEAST 3 properties that might be a great fit for the strategies mentioned, package it up and play the role of “transaction engineer”

Interested in adding multiple mortgage based income streams to your real estate business (so you can DOUBLE your revenue WITHOUT selling more houses)?

Check out: http://WakeUp.RealEstate/relo

Have a referral? Want to chat? See below…

Josh Schoenly
Mortgage Loan Originator – NMLS #2271092
NEXA Mortgage, LLC NMLS #1660690

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