Facebook Ad Template For Real Estate Home Seller Valuation Leads

Introduction to Facebook Ad Template for Real Estate

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In this section, Ryan from Wake Up Real Estate introduces a special ad template that they’ve been using successfully. This template helps real estate professionals get more people to check the value of their homes through a landing page designed for Facebook ads.

Details of the Ad Template and Performance

Template Overview and Video Description

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Ryan explains that the ad includes a dynamic slider video that is very engaging. He mentions that the video file and text for the ad will be available below the video for viewers to use in their own campaigns.

Performance Stats and Cost Analysis

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The ad has garnered 82 clicks at a cost of 99 cents per click, which Ryan points out as a good rate for driving traffic from Facebook to the landing page. He shares that the engagement with the ad has led to an increased number of people checking their home values.

Challenges and Strategic Decisions

Combining Marketing Efforts

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Ryan discusses how they have been blending the Facebook ads with postcard campaigns, although they have not yet tracked these two sources separately. This has made it difficult to assess the exact origin of leads.

Attribution and Growth Strategy

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He shares insights on the importance of not overcomplicating the tracking and attribution processes early on in marketing campaigns. This approach helps avoid wasting resources on strategies that may not yield results.

Optimizing and Advancing the Campaign

Future Plans for the Ad Campaign

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With preliminary positive results, Ryan discusses plans to refine tracking and begin split testing to further enhance the effectiveness of the ad.

Support and Additional Resources

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Ryan encourages viewers to download the ad template and reach out via their chat system on the Wake Up Real Estate website if they need help with their ad campaigns. He also invites viewers to engage more directly through links on the site.

Why the Ad Works Well

Engagement and Interaction

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The effectiveness of the ad is attributed to the engaging nature of the video content, which features Ryan scrolling through various options on the listing page, capturing viewers’ attention and likely contributing to the high engagement score.

Conclusion and Call to Action

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Ryan wraps up by emphasizing the importance of experimenting with the ad template and adapting it if necessary. He reminds viewers to subscribe to Wake Up Real Estate updates for more tips and tricks.

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