Facebook Messenger Style Sponsored Ad Set Up

Introduction to Sponsored Messages

Alright, let’s dive into what a sponsored message on Facebook looks like. First, the speaker discusses showing examples of previous sponsored messages that worked well. These messages are crafted to engage people by asking them what’s stopping them from making a real estate decision, like selling or buying a home. The cool part? It cost only a few dollars to start meaningful conversations with potential clients!

Setting Up Your Message

Next, the speaker explains how to set up these sponsored messages. If you use platforms like KV Core or Chime, it’s similar to sending a bulk text message. You’re basically paying Facebook to deliver your message directly to someone’s Messenger inbox. This direct line to potential customers is valuable because these are people who have shown some interest in real estate.

Comparing Costs and Benefits

Then, there’s a comparison of costs and outcomes. With a very low investment, the speaker achieved a high engagement rate, which led to several appointments. This highlights how cost-effective and efficient Facebook sponsored messages can be in reaching out to potential clients.

Preview and Adjustments

Moving on, the speaker tries to preview an upcoming message and realizes a mistake in naming the campaign, showing the importance of details in marketing. The message discussed special financing options, aiming to attract customers with the prospect of saving money. This example also shows the iterative nature of marketing; you try different messages to see what resonates best with your audience.

Creating a New Campaign

Now, it’s time to create a new campaign. The process involves choosing settings like engagement and scheduling the message to go out the next day. This section provides a step-by-step walkthrough of setting up a campaign, selecting the right options, and ensuring everything is aligned with Facebook’s requirements.

Understanding Facebook’s Delivery System

The speaker explains how Facebook optimizes message delivery. Unlike sending all messages at once, Facebook uses data to determine the best time to deliver messages to each user. This targeted approach increases the chances of users engaging with the message.

Adding Images and Personalization

For the new message, the speaker decides against using an image, focusing instead on the text. Personalization is key; addressing the recipient by name makes the message feel more personal and engaging. The choice of whether to include images is also discussed, showing that testing different formats is part of the strategy.

Finalizing and Anticipating Responses

After setting up the message, there’s a plan for handling responses. The speaker outlines how they use automated responses and follow-ups to keep the conversation going. This ensures that once someone shows interest, they keep them engaged and moving through the sales funnel.


In conclusion, setting up a sponsored message on Facebook is a powerful way to reach potential clients directly in their Messenger inbox. By carefully crafting your message, scheduling it properly, and anticipating responses, you can effectively engage your audience and drive your real estate business forward.

Ready to try creating your own Facebook Messenger sponsored ad? Follow these steps and start connecting with your audience today!

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