Fixer Upper “Mortgage & Marketing Monday” | Wake Up Real Estate Show 1/22/24


Good morning and welcome to the “Wake Up Real Estate Show” on this fine Monday morning. Today, we’re all about getting motivated, and we’ll be diving into some important topics like mortgages and marketing. Unfortunately, Ryan is having a little trouble with his audio, so he’ll be back after a quick reboot. But no worries, I’ve got plenty of great stuff to share with you all!

Motivation and Mortgage Updates

First things first, let’s get our motivation levels up! We’re starting the day with some good news about mortgages. Did you know interest rates are going down this year? That’s right, we might see them drop to the fives. Even if we don’t get all six reductions some are expecting, three seems likely. This means if you bought your home when rates were super high, like seven or eight percent, you could save a lot of money by refinancing now.

Marketing Magic

Next, let’s talk about marketing. If you’re into real estate, I’ve got a cool strategy to share. It’s called Ryan’s Renos, and it’s all about focusing on fixer-upper properties. This strategy helps you create a special list of real estate investors and keeps your business busy with new opportunities.

Technical Tips

Remember when things don’t work right, sometimes just turning it off and on can fix it. It’s funny, but true, just like Ryan’s story about his son and his phone. So if your tech is being tricky, try a reboot!

Rule of Fives

We also discussed something called the “Rule of Fives.” Here are three cool fives to remember:

  1. Interest Rates: We’re hoping to see them drop into the fives this year.
  2. Home Sales: Experts think about five million homes will be sold in 2024. That’s more than last year!
  3. Home Appreciation: Homes might go up in value by about 5% this year. So if you wait to buy, you might end up paying more.

Marketing Strategies

As we wrap up, let’s focus on a key marketing idea: targeting fixer-uppers. By creating a special list of these properties, you can attract lots of investors. You can even use social media to make your posts more interesting and reach more people.

Offering More Than Just Listings

It’s not just about listing the properties. If you provide financing options, like loans for buying and fixing up these homes, you’ll make it easier for investors to say yes. By helping them see how they can afford these projects, you’re more likely to turn them into happy customers.


Today we covered a lot of ground, from motivational tips to specific marketing strategies in real estate. Remember, if you’re looking to grow in real estate, focusing on fixer-uppers and offering helpful financing can really boost your business.

Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe, and share this video to help more people learn about these great opportunities. See you next time, and let’s make it a great week!

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