Follow Up Friday | Wake Up Real Estate Marketing Strategy Update 6/23/23


Welcome to “Follow Up Friday,” where we’re catching up on real estate marketing updates with a side of fitness motivation. Today, we’re hanging out in a farmhouse in Pennsylvania, and I’m sharing my favorite workout while also catching you up on some key updates on mortgage rates.

Mortgage Rate Discussion

Rate Changes and Marketing Ideas

We kick off with some good news! Mortgage rates are down 21 basis points from yesterday, which is a big deal. It’s a great opportunity to follow up with clients about refinancing or buying new homes. We brainstorm live on how to use this info in our social media posts.

Technical Difficulties and Creative Solutions

There’s a bit of a hiccup when we try to find the latest mortgage data. We struggle with conflicting information and decide to create a video using the data we have. This turns into a fun editing session where we make our social media more lively.

Marketing and Video Content

Improving Video Engagement

We discuss how to make marketing videos more engaging. Instead of a static talking head, we’re thinking about using walking videos or green screen effects to capture more attention.

Short Video Tips and Tricks

I also share some tips on how to make videos short and engaging, using the green screen to show interesting data like home valuations. It’s all about keeping potential clients interested without boring them.

Fitness and Productivity

It’s not just about real estate today; it’s also about staying fit! I talk about how I manage to stay productive even when I’m working out. By sending messages in between workout sets, I keep on top of my tasks without wasting any time.

Conclusion and Future Plans

We wrap up with plans for more content and updates. There’s a teaser about a new downsizing ad and some upcoming features on our website. We’re excited to share more helpful tools and tips in our next session!

Call to Action

Don’t forget to tune in next Monday for more updates and fun. If you have any questions over the weekend, feel free to reach out. Have a great weekend and see you soon!

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