Free Leads Friday – Finding Off Market Listings Using Remine


So, here’s a neat idea called Free Leads Friday. It’s about finding houses that aren’t for sale but might be soon. The story begins with a dinner where the speaker’s in-laws met with family friends. They discussed that one of their friends, let’s call him George, is looking for a large property with 12 to 20 acres. He isn’t looking for a big fancy house, just something simple where his whole family can live together.

Setting the Scene

After dinner, George mentioned he’s looking for a property but hasn’t found the right one yet. This got the speaker thinking about how to find such a specific type of property that isn’t listed for sale anywhere.

Starting the Search

The speaker, eager to help, plans to use a strategy to find properties that match George’s needs. He suggests looking for properties that are no longer for sale or never were on the market.

Using Tools and Resources

He talks about using the MLS system to check for properties that were listed in the past but didn’t sell. The speaker also plans to use tools like Remine to find properties that fit George’s criteria but aren’t actively for sale.

Exploring Remine

Remine is a tool that helps find properties. The speaker demonstrates how to use it. He starts by clearing previous searches and setting up a new search area using a map. He adds filters for the type of building and the size of the land.

Adjusting Search Filters

While using Remine, the speaker adjusts several search filters to narrow down the results to properties that have enough land. He uses math to convert the land size from square feet to acres to ensure the properties meet George’s requirements.

Getting Results

After setting everything up, the speaker finds a list of 126 properties that could potentially meet George’s needs. He suggests a plan to reach out to the owners of these properties to see if they’d be interested in selling.

Reaching Out to Property Owners

The speaker mentions the importance of making personal contact with property owners. He suggests sending a letter or making a phone call to each property owner, starting with 10 contacts a day. This way, he would cover all properties in just over two weeks.

Utilizing Additional Tools

If the property owner’s contact details are missing, the speaker suggests using websites like or to find them. These websites can help find phone numbers and addresses for free.

Sending the Golden Letter

Once he has the contact information, the speaker talks about sending a “Golden Letter” to property owners. This letter would directly ask if they’re interested in selling their property to George.


The speaker wraps up by emphasizing that this strategy of finding off-market properties can be a significant part of a real estate marketing plan. By consistently reaching out to property owners, you can create new opportunities without needing many other resources.

If you ever want to find a special house or piece of land that’s not for sale, remember this story about George and how using tools like Remine and reaching out directly to property owners can really help!

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