Generate FREE Real Estate Leads With Craigslist — Episode #25 3/10/2023


Welcome and Episode Overview

Welcome to “Wake Up Real Estate” episode number 25! It’s Friday, March 10th, a special day because it’s Free Leads Friday. Everyone’s excited, especially Tanya, Angie, and Tiffany, who are eagerly looking forward to the show. The host reminds viewers to check out the previous episode for helpful tips and to subscribe for more content.

Community Shoutouts and Updates

Viewer Interactions and Announcements

The host gives shoutouts to viewers, including a special mention of the “Pretty House Guy” and Tanya from Atlanta. There’s a fun moment where they discuss Mike, another viewer, who is currently on vacation but still tuning in. They encourage everyone to engage by liking and subscribing to the channel for more updates.

Discussion on Real Estate Topics

Open Houses and Their Effectiveness

Ryan, a team member, starts a discussion about open houses and asks viewers for their opinions on whether they still conduct them or leave them to newer agents. The conversation highlights how open houses are making a comeback, and some agents are using smart strategies to attract potential buyers.

Marketing Techniques and Viewer Tips

Josh, another participant, shares his weekend routine, which involves attending his children’s sports events, limiting his ability to host open houses. They discuss how different agents manage open houses and the importance of using them as a tool for generating leads, especially for new agents.

Advanced Marketing Strategies

Leveraging Social Media and Technology

The hosts discuss how to effectively use social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to promote open houses. They explain how creating events and engaging potential clients through these platforms can significantly increase attendance and interest.

Email Marketing Insights

Josh shares his approach to email marketing, specifically how he incorporates personal videos and special promotions to engage his audience. This segment provides practical tips on enhancing email communication to boost engagement and lead generation.

Lead Generation with Craigslist

Improving Craigslist Ad Effectiveness

The focus shifts to using Craigslist for lead generation. The hosts critique common mistakes in Craigslist ads and suggest improvements, like not listing the price to increase inquiries. They discuss the potential of QR codes and other tactics to make listings more attractive and engaging.

Real-time Interaction and Feedback

Viewers participate by asking questions and sharing their own experiences with Craigslist and other marketing platforms. This interactive segment helps everyone learn from each other’s successes and challenges in real-time.

Conclusion and Call to Action

Summarizing Key Points and Encouraging Action

The episode wraps up with a summary of key points discussed, especially the importance of innovative marketing strategies like open houses and online ads. The hosts encourage viewers to try out these techniques and share their results in future episodes.

If you found today’s tips helpful, don’t forget to try some out and let us know how it goes! Remember, every small step can lead to big changes in your real estate career. See you next episode!

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