Geo Farming With Thanks.io “text tip Thursday” | Wake Up Real Estate Show 1/11/24


Good morning to all the real estate enthusiasts out there! Today’s session is a special one where we’ll focus entirely on Geo farming using Thanks.io. We’re skipping our usual social post today, so feel free to use an old one from the archive or post a favorite property listing instead. Don’t forget to engage with your audience even if we’re not doing that part today!

Recapping Yesterday’s Session

Yesterday, we had Ernest discussing Google Ads and his successful strategy of Geo farming with a seller letter campaign. He even shared a video of a property he listed thanks to this approach. Due to popular demand, Ernest’s letter template has been made available under our scripts and templates section for everyone to use and adapt.

Details of Ernest’s Strategy

Ernest’s approach involves creating a personalized letter, which he designs and then manually stuffs into envelopes. He sent about 40-50 of these letters and has already secured a listing and a few appointments. The letter targets the low inventory in the Shady Oaks area, urging potential sellers to consider listing their homes.

Today’s Focus: Streamlining the Process with Thanks.io

Building on yesterday’s discussion, today we’ll explore how to implement Ernest’s strategy more efficiently using Thanks.io. This tool helps automate the sending process, saving time by avoiding the need to manually stuff and stamp envelopes.

Creating a Letterhead with Thanks.io

You can create a professional-looking letterhead directly within Thanks.io. There’s even a tool called the Branding Builder to help you design it easily.

Setting Up the Letter Template

Once the letterhead is ready, the next step is to set up the actual content of the letter. Thanks.io allows you to either use a template or write a custom message. We’re using Ernest’s letter as a base but customizing it to make it more personal and relevant to our specific target area.

Adding a QR Code

Adding a QR code is a neat trick to integrate into the letter. It links to a web page (like a video or a detailed home valuation report), adding an interactive element to the letter, which can increase engagement.

Executing the Campaign

With the template ready, the next step is to define the target audience. Thanks.io can help here by creating a mailing list based on specific criteria such as location or likely intent to move. You can choose to send a few letters for free with an initial credit or purchase a more detailed list for a broader campaign.

Automating and Sending the Letters

After finalizing the list and message, it’s just a matter of setting the campaign in motion. Thanks.io automates the sending process, allowing you to reach a large number of potential sellers efficiently and effectively.

Alternative Strategies and Tools

Aside from Geo farming, there are other strategies like targeting expired listings or FSBOs (For Sale By Owner) which can also be effective. Thanks.io supports these strategies with tools that can automate and simplify the process.

Offering Incentives

Another creative strategy is to offer incentives such as gift cards. This can make your offer stand out and encourage potential sellers to engage with you, potentially increasing your response rate.


Today, we’ve covered how to streamline your real estate marketing efforts using Thanks.io, from creating effective mail campaigns to automating the sending process. By leveraging these tools, you can save time and increase your productivity, allowing you to focus more on closing deals and less on manual tasks.

If you found today’s session helpful and want to try these strategies, don’t hesitate to explore Thanks.io and utilize the available templates and tools. Remember, consistency is key in real estate marketing, so keep your campaigns active and engage with your potential clients regularly!

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