“Get Started?” Text & Email Script (Texting & Traffic Tuesday) | Wake Up Real Estate Show 4/2/24

Introduction and Overview

Welcome to the “Wake Up Real Estate Show” where today is Texting and Traffic Tuesday! Ryan and Josh are back after a long Easter weekend, and even though Ryan is on the move, he’s ready to dive into today’s topic with a strong connection from his car.

Ryan’s April Fool’s Traditions

Ryan, known for his April Fool’s jokes, shares his regret over missing an opportunity to prank this year. Instead, he introduces a real estate investment post, suggesting it’s a wise time to switch from inflated tech stocks to real estate investments, showcasing properties in Penel County.

Investment Opportunities and Client Engagement

Ryan details his social media post designed to attract investors by highlighting the benefits of buying land and real estate as a stable investment compared to volatile tech stocks. He uses simple graphics to make his point and directs viewers to a property list for potential buyers.

Generating Leads with Land Sales

Josh takes over to discuss how targeting land and lot sales in specific counties has successfully generated hundreds of leads. He suggests enhancing the appeal with price reductions and maintaining consistent engagement to nurture these leads into transactions.

Effective Communication Strategies

They explore different strategies for maintaining contact with potential clients, emphasizing the importance of regular updates through emails, texts, and social media posts. Highlighting a simple yet effective weekly email about price-reduced lots and lands is suggested as a key tool for client engagement.

Text and Email Scripts for Engagement

Ryan shares a “Get Started?” script for texts and emails, aimed at prompting direct responses from recipients about their interest in buying homes or getting pre-approvals. The script variations cater to different stages of the buying process and are optimized to avoid spam filters.

Utilizing Digital Tools for Real Estate Marketing

The conversation shifts to the technical aspects of real estate marketing, including the importance of compliance with platform-specific messaging rules to enhance deliverability and avoid penalties. They stress the effectiveness of personalizing messages and automating responses to foster active engagement.

Adapting to New Marketing Techniques

Ryan discusses new ad strategies and tests he’s planning for different client profiles, aiming to refine their approach to lead generation and conversion. The focus is on crafting compelling content that resonates with potential clients and encourages them to start conversations.


The show wraps up with reminders for upcoming webinars and sessions designed to help viewers and listeners maximize their real estate marketing efforts. They highlight the continuous need for adapting strategies and staying updated with marketing trends to achieve success in real estate.

Call to Action

If you’re inspired to take your real estate marketing to the next level or curious about getting started in real estate, don’t miss our upcoming sessions. Tune into “Wake Up Real Estate” for more insights, tips, and effective strategies. Join us and transform your real estate journey!

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