Google Ads Update “What’s Working Wednesday” | Wake Up Real Estate Show 1/10/24


Welcome to today’s episode of “What’s Working Wednesday” on the Wake Up Real Estate Show. Today, we’re excited to have a special guest, Ernest, who has some great insights to share about Google Ads and other marketing strategies that are helping in real estate.

Today’s Topic: Google Ads

Update on Mortgage Rates

Before diving into the main discussion with Ernest, the hosts quickly touch on current mortgage rates. They’ve dropped significantly over the past few months but have started to creep up in the last few days. This might be a good time to act if you’re on the fence about buying a house.

Ernest’s Strategy with Google Ads

Ernest starts off by sharing his approach to Google Ads, emphasizing the importance of using fewer keywords to increase ad effectiveness. By limiting his ads to only two or three keywords, he has seen his optimization scores reach 100%, fully optimizing his campaigns. He also highlights the cost-effectiveness of running campaigns on smaller budgets, which has proven to be very effective for him.

Effective Use of Google Ads Tools

Keyword Insertions and Budget Management

Ernest elaborates on the technical side of his Google Ads strategy. He uses keyword insertions to keep his ads relevant and cost-effective. Discussing budget, Ernest reveals that one of his most successful ads is running on a budget as low as $3 per day.

Google Trends and Localized Advertising

Another tool Ernest finds invaluable is Google Trends. It helps him understand which keywords are most popular in specific areas, allowing him to target his ads more precisely. This hyper-local approach has helped him reduce wasted ad spend and increase the relevance of his ads to his target audience.

Discussion on Cost-Effectiveness and Lead Generation

Comparing Costs and Results

The hosts discuss the costs associated with different types of ad campaigns. Ernest shares that his cost per lead is about $23, while another guest, Ryan, mentions costs around $20 for his campaigns. They conclude that the effectiveness of an ad can sometimes justify higher costs per lead, especially during different times of the year like the holiday season.

Using Advanced Tools for Targeted Advertising

Ernest also touches on some advanced tools like Title Toolbox, which allows him to target potential home sellers based on specific data, such as expected selling time. This tool helps him create highly targeted marketing campaigns, which have led to quick responses and several listing appointments.

Conclusion and Practical Tips

To wrap up, Ernest and the hosts share practical tips for real estate agents looking to enhance their marketing strategies. They emphasize the importance of testing different strategies, monitoring ad performance, and adjusting tactics based on data-driven insights.

Call to Action

If you found these tips helpful, consider trying out some of these strategies in your own real estate business. Experiment with Google Ads, use tools like Google Trends to refine your targeting, and always keep an eye on your campaign performance to maximize your marketing success!

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