Happy New Year! (It’s “texting Tuesday”) | Wake Up Real Estate Show 1/2/24

Introduction: Happy New Year!

Welcome to the Wake Up Real Estate Show! Ryan and the host have returned from a little break they took for the holidays. They’re excited to start the first show of 2024!

What They Did Over the Holidays

During the holidays, they didn’t party too hard. Instead, they enjoyed simple things like watching the ball drop, playing games with kids, building Legos, and listening to country music. They even suggest playing Bingo for the next New Year’s!

Texting Tuesday: Recycling Oldie but Goodie

It’s Texting Tuesday, where they recycle old but good information. Ryan shares a social post idea about starting home shopping in early January to beat the rush. He talks about how there’s less competition and suggests looking at homes listed for a while or just expired to avoid bidding wars.

Benefits of Buying Early

Ryan highlights how buying in January or February can save money due to lower rates and less competition. He talks about FHA and VA rates being around 6%, and with a motivated seller, buyers might get even lower rates.

Opportunity for Streamline Refinancing

They discuss the benefits of FHA and VA streamline refinancing, which can save borrowers a lot of money. They emphasize the ease of qualification and low costs associated with this refinancing option.

Email to Database

They share an email template for reaching out to their database about the streamline refinance opportunity. The email includes a video explaining the benefits and encourages recipients to share with anyone it might help.

Engagement with Financing Ads

They discuss how financing-focused ads generate more direct conversations and engagement compared to property listings. They emphasize the importance of educating people about financing options to create new business opportunities.

Upcoming Session on 5-Day HELOC Program

They announce an upcoming session to discuss a 5-day HELOC program, which has been successful in generating leads interested in real estate and financing options.

Using the Text Script for Lead Generation

They encourage using a simple text script to generate leads by asking potential clients if they’re still interested in buying a home. They stress the importance of consistency in reaching out to potential leads.

Running Messenger Ads

They suggest running messenger ads using the text script to target potential clients. By engaging in real conversations, agents can identify interested individuals and follow up accordingly.

Housekeeping: Show Schedule and Themes

They wrap up by announcing a change in the show schedule to 10:00 a.m. Eastern time. They plan to continue with themed days and provide actionable content for real estate professionals.

Upcoming Sessions and Calls to Action

They invite viewers to attend upcoming sessions on topics like dual licensing programs and encourage them to implement the text script shared in today’s show. They ask viewers to share their results in the comments section.

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