How To Add A Mortgage Rate Widget Your Real Estate Website

Choosing the Right Widget

Time Range: 0:21-0:40

The video showcases different types of widgets available on Mortgage News Daily. The host focuses on rate widgets but also mentions calculator widgets, which could be useful for users needing to calculate mortgage-related numbers.

Customizing the Widget

Time Range: 0:41-1:30

Viewers learn how to customize their chosen widget. Options include selecting the size of the widget, deciding whether to show a chart or news alongside the rates, and adjusting the widget’s height and border color. These customizations help ensure the widget fits well on the site and matches its design.

Implementing the Widget

Time Range: 1:31-2:10

The process of embedding the widget into a WordPress website is demonstrated. The host edits the HTML directly in a sidebar widget area, showing how straightforward it is to integrate the widget into existing website structures.

Alternatives to WordPress

Time Range: 2:11-2:50

For those who do not use WordPress, the video explains that the widget can be implemented on any website capable of handling scripts. Assistance is offered for viewers who might need help with this process, ensuring everyone can utilize this tool regardless of their web platform.

Enhancing Website Content

Time Range: 2:51-3:20

Further customization and placement of widgets on different parts of the website are discussed. The host emphasizes the versatility of the widget, which can be used not only in sidebars but also on main content pages, enhancing the site’s functionality and appeal.

Additional Resources and Tools

Time Range: 3:21-4:00

The host mentions additional resources that can be integrated into the real estate website, such as mortgage lead capture tools and informational videos. These resources can make the website a comprehensive hub for mortgage information, increasing its value to visitors.

Conclusion and Call to Action

Time Range: 4:01-4:40

The video wraps up with a reminder of the benefits of subscribing to the Wake Up Real Estate channel. The host humorously claims that subscribing can lead to better looks, a slimmer figure, and even a more active love life, encouraging viewers to subscribe for future updates and more helpful content like this.

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