How To Build A “Fixer Upper” Property List In Your MLS!

Introduction to Building a Fixer Upper Property List

This section explains the motivation behind creating a specialized list for fixer-upper or motivated seller properties in your MLS. It’s a follow-up discussion from the “Wake-Up Real Estate Show,” emphasizing the benefits of targeting real estate investors and finding niche markets within the real estate industry.

Choosing Your Target Area

The speaker begins by outlining the initial step of choosing specific areas for which to build the property list. He mentions his own service areas in rural Central PA, which include Cumberland, York, Dauphin, and Perry County. He also suggests that if you are in a densely populated area, you might want to narrow your focus to specific cities or school districts, depending on your business strategy.

Setting Up the List in MLS

Here, the process of setting up your fixer-upper list directly in your MLS is described. The speaker walks through the technical steps of accessing and modifying the search fields within the MLS interface, particularly focusing on adding keywords to the public remarks section to filter properties.

Building the Keyword List

The speaker discusses how to compile a list of keywords that will help identify fixer-upper properties. Keywords like ‘TLC’, ‘fixer’, ‘motivated’, and several others are suggested. These keywords are used in the MLS search to filter and find properties that match the fixer-upper criteria.

Viewing and Saving Your Search Results

After applying the keywords, the speaker demonstrates how to view the properties that match the criteria. He shows the process of saving these searches for future reference and how to continuously update and refine the search list with new keywords, such as ‘selling as-is’, to capture more potential listings.

Conclusion and Call to Action

The speaker wraps up by encouraging the viewers to reach out if they have any questions or need further assistance. He promotes the “Wake-Up Real Estate” platform as a resource for gaining a comprehensive understanding of real estate niche operating systems, whether for fixer-uppers or other types of properties.

Get Involved

If you’re interested in building or expanding your real estate niche, consider reaching out for personalized advice and support. Whether you’re focusing on fixer-uppers, new constructions, starter homes, or waterfront properties, there are resources available to help you succeed in your real estate ventures.

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