How We Shop Mortgage Rates So We Can Find The Best Deal For Your Clients!

Introduction to Mortgage Rate Shopping

Welcome everyone! Today, we’re going to talk about something different from our usual discussions on specific mortgage programs. Instead of focusing on individual products, we’ll dive into how we shop for mortgage rates and the logic behind lenders’ rate structures. This will help you have better conversations with potential clients and make you a market expert!

Why Understanding Rates Matters

Knowing about mortgage rates is super important because it helps you answer clients’ questions more effectively. Instead of just saying you’ll get back to them, you can provide informed answers right away, which really impresses them and builds trust.

Interactive Discussion on Mortgage Rates

We’re planning to keep today’s session very interactive. You can ask questions using the Q&A box or chat, and we’ll discuss different strategies for finding the best mortgage deals. This part is crucial because it shows you why working with a mortgage broker like us can be very beneficial.

Starting the Conversation on Rates

Let’s begin by discussing how we determine the interest rates for our clients. There’s a lot to consider, like how much money clients are willing to pay upfront (buy-downs) or how much they want to receive back (lender credits). We’ll also explain what a “par rate” isβ€”it’s the rate that doesn’t cost any money!

Real-Life Examples and Client Interactions

We’ll share real-life scenarios to show you how we talk about rates with our clients. This includes how to handle objections about rates and how to explain the benefits and drawbacks of different rates and programs.

Demonstration of Rate Shopping

You’ll get to see exactly how we shop for rates using a system that lets us compare offers from multiple banks quickly. This demonstration will cover how rates change based on different client scenarios and how we choose the best option.

Questions and Answers

After the demonstration, we’ll open up the floor for questions. This is your chance to ask about anything from specific rate scenarios to general advice on mortgage brokering.

Encouraging Client Referrals

We’ll wrap up by discussing how understanding and explaining rates effectively can lead to more client referrals. Satisfied clients are more likely to recommend us to others, which can help grow our business.


Today, we’ve covered a lot about how mortgage rates work and how to shop for them effectively. Remember, the more you know, the better you can serve your clients and build your reputation as a trusted expert.

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