iList Mastermind Replay with Josh Schoenly (Automated Direct Mail Follow Up)

Introduction and Overview of the Webinar

Hi kids! Imagine you’re joining a special club meeting where everyone is talking about their favorite superhero tools. That’s what happened in this meeting! They talked about some super cool tools that help people who sell houses do their jobs better. They even talked about a new tool that was just about to start working the very next day!

The Host’s Warm Welcome

The host of the meeting was very excited to start and told everyone that a special guest, Josh, would be joining them. Josh is super good at using these tools to send letters and postcards to people, which is a fancy way of saying he helps people know more about their houses and what they can do with them.

Exciting New Features

The host also mentioned some really awesome updates to their tools, like a new way to see everything you need on one computer screen! He said it helps people see how much their house could be sold for, all from just clicking on a postcard or an email. That’s like having a magic button that shows you treasure on a map!

Josh’s Introduction and Strategies

Then Josh got to talk. He shared that he uses some smart ways to tell people about what they can do with their houses. He talked about three cool tricks:

1. Getting Attention with Mail

Josh sends letters and postcards to people to get their attention. He uses these mails to tell them about his website where they can learn lots of things about their house, like how much it might cost or what they can do with it.

2. Turning Interest into Actions

He also talked about how he keeps people interested. For example, when someone puts in their address on his website, he sends them more fun mail. He even has a special system to keep sending them interesting things at just the right time!

3. Using Emails and Websites Together

Josh uses emails and his website together in a smart way. When someone gets an email from him and clicks on it, they can see a special page all about their house. It’s like having a secret door that opens right to treasure!

Discussion of Tools and Features

Josh and the host talked a lot about how these tools help them do their job better. They shared how they send emails and postcards that make people want to learn more and maybe even sell their house.

Real Examples from Josh

Josh showed some real-life examples of the postcards he sends. He explained why they work so well, like using pictures of people’s houses and offering helpful info right away when they scan a QR code on the postcard. He believes when people see something familiar, like a picture of their own house, they get more interested.

Question and Answer Session

At the end of the meeting, people asked Josh lots of questions. They wanted to know how to use all these cool tools and tricks for themselves. Josh was really helpful and shared lots of tips and even templates they could use.

Key Takeaways and Closing

Josh shared a lot of helpful tips about how to talk to people in a friendly way that makes them want to respond. He also talked about how important it is to be quick in replying to people when they show interest. It’s like when you ask a question in class; you wouldn’t want to wait too long for the answer, right?

Before saying goodbye, the host reminded everyone that they could watch the meeting again online if they missed something or wanted to hear the tips one more time. They also shared where people could find more helpful resources.


So, this meeting was all about learning cool new ways to use special tools to help people understand more about their houses and what they can do with them. It was like a toolbox full of superhero gadgets for house sellers!

If you want to learn more or ask your own questions, remember, you can always go back and watch the meeting again or check out their website for more fun info!

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