iList UPGRADES + a GREAT direct mail question (tech tip Thursday) | Wake Up Real Estate Show 1/25/24

Introduction to the Show

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Wake Up Real Estate Tech Tip Thursday! Today’s episode promises some fun updates on tech tools we love, insightful answers to viewer questions, and of course, our usual lively banter. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe. And if you’re listening through Apple Podcast or Spotify, we’d appreciate your ratings and reviews! Also, we’re open to your ideas for future topics, so feel free to send them our way.

Recap and Upcoming Deep Dive

First off, we revisit some topics from our previous show, particularly the discussion on Google Local Services ads. They’ve been a great source for high-quality leads but have recently dried up. Over the next couple of weeks, we plan to dive deep into this issue, hoping to revitalize these ads and share best practices with you. There might even be a guest expert joining us soon to add more value.

Social Media and Resources

Ryan introduces a high-quality video from our archives that’s now available for free on our website. This video discusses the importance of choosing the right real estate agent, and we encourage you to use it to enhance your own marketing efforts. Remember, our website offers a wealth of resources including text scripts, templates, lead capture pages, and even mini-courses—like our new one on short-form video content.

Exciting Updates to iList

Today’s tech spotlight is on iList, an interactive dashboard designed specifically for home sellers, to enhance their engagement and experience, similar to what buyers get on platforms like Zillow. There’s some great news for iList users—new features and updates have been added, including more automated campaigns and new website templates in their built-in CRM system. Check these out to enhance your interactions with potential sellers.

PropStream Tool Demonstration

Responding to a viewer’s question, we explore PropStream, a robust data provider we often use. It’s perfect for building targeted lists for direct mail campaigns, like those involving postcards. We demonstrate how to use its filtering features to create lists for various purposes—whether you’re looking to target specific demographics, property types, or even pre-foreclosure listings.

Engaging Your Database and Planning Ahead

We also discuss strategies for engaging with your database to generate appointments and opportunities. It’s crucial to actively work your contacts, as they can be a goldmine for leads. Additionally, Ryan and I share our plans for the upcoming days, including personal events that mean tomorrow’s live show will be postponed.

Call to Action: Try It Yourself!

As we wrap up today’s episode, we encourage you to take action. Try using the tools and strategies we discussed today. For example, sign up for a free account on our recommended platforms, experiment with sending out postcards, and explore the data tools like PropStream. These practical steps will help you get comfortable with the technologies that can elevate your real estate business.


Thanks for tuning in! Make sure to catch up on missed content and keep pushing forward by utilizing the tech tips and tools we’ve shared. Your proactive efforts today can lead to substantial rewards tomorrow. See you next time!


Don’t just learn—apply these tips and tools in your real estate practice. Start with something small, like sending out 10 postcards, and see how it goes. We’re here to help if you need it. Have a great weekend, and we look forward to hearing about your successes on Monday!

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