If you’re looking for a solid “home value” and “cash offer” platform to help you generate and convert more seller leads, iList is a great option.

Here below is a full demo video iList founder Joe Peterson.

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Introduction to iList

Timestamp: 00:00-01:05

Hey, it’s Joe from iList! Joe starts by explaining that real estate is changing and agents need to focus more on sellers to keep growing. He mentions that iList offers tools to help agents attract, engage, and convert sellers. This is important because most real estate websites are for buyers, but iList helps create websites that are better for sellers.

Why Focus on Sellers?

Timestamp: 01:06-02:15

Joe explains that about 99% of real estate websites are designed for buyers, not sellers. He says if agents want to focus on sellers, they need a website built specifically for that. iList helps by taking an agent’s existing website and tweaking it to focus more on sellers, providing a better, automated experience for them.

Enhancing Seller Engagement

Timestamp: 02:16-03:45

Joe introduces iList’s home valuation feature, which is more than just giving a basic price estimate. It shows sellers multiple valuations and lets them interact with these values, which helps build trust and shows the seller’s intentions. Moreover, iList can provide instant cash offers from various buyers, making the agent the central figure in these transactions.

Customizable Listing Options

Timestamp: 03:46-05:10

Joe talks about the listing options that iList provides. These options include traditional listings, cash offers, and even an online bidding auction platform. He emphasizes that these are customizable and important for agents to have because they help compete with big names like Zillow and Realtor.com.

Marketing Tools and Dashboard

Timestamp: 05:11-06:30

iList also offers marketing tools like automated email and SMS marketing, which help increase conversions and find leads. Joe highlights features like direct mail and customizable landing pages, which help bring sellers directly to their listings on an agent’s website.

Comprehensive Agent Dashboard

Timestamp: 06:31-08:00

The agent dashboard in iList is where agents can manage everything easily. It connects leads, properties, offers, and marketing tools in one place. This setup helps agents scale their business by handling multiple offers and going all the way from listing to closing.

Demonstrating iList in Action

Timestamp: 08:01-09:30

Joe shows a comparison between a typical real estate website and one enhanced with iList. The typical site is not engaging for sellers, while the iList site provides a dynamic experience with immediate valuations, cash offers, and customizable listing options.

Interactive Features for Sellers

Timestamp: 09:31-10:00

Finally, Joe talks about how iList allows sellers to create an account, access their property information anytime, and interact with the offers and options available. He also points out that all these interactions ensure the agent remains central to the transaction, helping them close more deals and convert more listings.

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