Instagram Ads “What’s Working Wednesday” | Wake Up Real Estate Show 1/17/24


Welcome and Weather Talk

Good morning and welcome to Wake Up Real Estate’s “What’s Working Wednesday” show. It’s January 17th, and it’s quite chilly in the Northeast at about 11 degrees. In contrast, Florida is at 45 degrees, and surprisingly, no one is outside due to the cold. Our hosts are ready to warm things up with useful real estate tips to get conversations and opportunities flowing.

Social Post of the Day

Yesterday’s Learning and Today’s Topic

The hosts start by mentioning yesterday’s episode about FHA financing, which added a lot of value to listeners. Today’s social post discussion kicks off with a tax refund meme, suggesting that people might use their tax refunds to invest in a house or property, which is a timely piece of advice for many.

Marketing Tips

Using Direct Mail and Memes

The discussion moves to marketing strategies, particularly using memes and direct mail for real estate marketing. The hosts discuss the tools used to create engaging content and how direct mail remains effective, especially in real estate. They hint at various tools and services that help create marketing content efficiently.

Interaction with Audience

Real-Time Engagement

The show takes a light-hearted turn when the host’s son trolls the Twitch stream, showcasing the interactive and spontaneous nature of the show. This moment highlights the community and familial aspect of the show, making it more relatable and engaging for the audience.

Content Creation Tips

Leveraging Multiple Platforms

The hosts discuss the importance of content creation across various platforms using different forms of media, like video and static images. They emphasize the need for a call to action in posts to enhance engagement, such as prompting viewers to comment for more information or to initiate a conversation.

Strategic Advertising

Effective Use of Ads

The focus shifts to strategic advertising, with a detailed explanation of how the hosts use ads to generate leads effectively. They share insights on creating compelling video ads that not only attract attention but also encourage viewers to engage directly through comments or direct messaging, thus enhancing lead generation.


Emphasizing Personal Connection

The episode wraps up with a discussion on the importance of personal connection in digital marketing. The hosts underscore the effectiveness of having their voices and faces in ads, which helps build trust and familiarity, making potential clients more comfortable in engaging with the content.

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