Interactive Software To Get MORE Listings! Tech Tip Thursday – Wake Up Real Estate 8/24/23

Introduction and Welcome

Good morning everyone, and welcome to another exciting edition of “Wake Up Real Estate.” It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for a Tech Tip. Today, we have a very special guest joining us. There was a bit of a scramble to get our guest on the show as the host had teased about the guest before confirming the schedule, but thankfully, a slot was found just in time for today’s episode.

Introduction of the Special Guest and Tech Highlight

Our guest today brings some exciting technology that’s all about helping real estate agents get more listings by converting leads from various sources like home value inquiries, expired listings, and more. If you missed last Friday’s session, be sure to check it out as it had some valuable insights into using this technology.

Guest’s Background and Tech Overview

The guest, Joe, is the CEO of iList, and he’s here to discuss how their platform can enhance real estate agents’ capabilities to attract and engage sellers through automation and options. He also shares a bit about his background in real estate and hedge funds, emphasizing the importance of automation and scalability.

Demonstration of the Technology

Joe demonstrates how the iList platform works, showing its ability to integrate seamlessly with agents’ existing systems like KV Core. He explains the interactive seller dashboard where sellers can adjust their property values based on various data points, which helps engage them more effectively than traditional forms.

Interactive Features and Benefits

The platform allows sellers to explore different selling options interactively, which helps them make informed decisions without immediate agent intervention. This feature is crucial for capturing and retaining the seller’s interest, especially in a fluctuating market.

Practical Applications and Success Stories

The host shares some success stories from using the iList platform, including engaging over 150 sellers in his database, which led to actual listings and sales. This highlights the platform’s effectiveness in real-life applications, not just in theory.

Integration and Customization Capabilities

Joe explains how iList can be integrated with various CRM systems, allowing real estate agents to utilize this technology within their existing workflows seamlessly. This ease of integration is a significant advantage for agents looking to enhance their tech stack without disrupting their current operations.

Future Plans and Enhancements

Looking forward, iList plans to introduce more features that will allow agents to convert sellers to buyers, enhancing the platform’s versatility. Joe also hints at upcoming features that would facilitate network building and referrals among agents.

Conclusion and Call to Action

Today’s episode provided a deep dive into how technology can transform real estate listings and lead management. For agents looking to elevate their game and streamline their processes, exploring tools like iList is a step in the right direction. Remember, staying competitive in today’s market means leveraging technology to your advantage.

If you’re intrigued by what you’ve heard today and want to see how it can fit into your business, consider signing up for a free trial of iList. It’s an opportunity to experience firsthand how this technology can change the way you handle real estate listings and client interactions.

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