Jordan Saves The Deal! (Mortgage & Motivation Monday) | Wake Up Real Estate Show 10/23/23

Introduction: Welcome to the Show

Welcome everyone! Today on our show, “Wake Up Real Estate,” Ryan, one of our hosts, is playing video games with an old school controller. Even though his kids make fun of him for it, Ryan prefers it because he doesn’t play games that often. It’s a beautiful Monday morning on October 23rd, and we are super excited because the Eagles won their game last night. It seems like everything is great when your favorite team wins!

Mysterious Absence and Mortgage Updates

Normally, we hear from Jordan on Mondays because he shares stories about his adventures in real estate. Today, however, we haven’t heard from him yet. He might be busy solving problems as usual. But don’t worry! Even if he doesn’t join us today, we’ll find a way to share his exciting story about how he recently saved a big real estate deal at the last minute. Speaking of real estate, did you know that mortgage rates are below 8%? That’s good news for everyone looking to buy a home!

The Importance of Being Active in the Market

Despite what some people might say on the news, there’s still a lot of action in the real estate market. Our team, including Cozette and I, have been super busy showing houses and answering lots of questions from buyers. We’ve been hosting virtual workshops, too, which lots of people are attending. It’s a busy time, and there are plenty of opportunities out there for everyone.

Real Estate Tech Tips and Motivation

Josh shared a cool tip today about an app called Mortgage News Daily. It’s a handy tool where you can quickly calculate mortgage payments on your phone. And, for a little motivation to start our week, we shared a quote from Epictetus, a wise old philosopher. He said that the tougher the challenge, the greater the victory, and we totally agree! In real estate, being skilled, creative, and ready to solve problems is the best way to succeed.

Advanced Real Estate Strategies

Today, Ryan talked about some advanced strategies like wraparound and assumable mortgages. These are special ways to help buyers and sellers make deals even when the market is tough. We also discussed how important it is to be proactive and find homes that might not be listed as assumable but could be. This requires a bit of detective work and talking to lots of people, but it’s a great way to find good deals!

Marketing Insights and Closing Thoughts

We also chatted about marketing and how being clear is way better than being clever. When you’re trying to sell homes or any other product, make sure people can understand your message easily. This is much more effective than trying to be too fancy or complicated. And remember, if you ever feel stuck or need help, just ask! There’s always someone ready to lend a hand in the real estate world.

Looking Ahead and A Call to Action

We wrapped up today’s show by reminding everyone about our upcoming events and workshops. We’re always here to help, whether you need advice on mortgages or finding your next home. And don’t forget to tune in next time for more tips, stories, and real estate advice!

If you found today’s show helpful and want to learn more about buying or selling homes, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or visit our website for more information. Let’s keep making great real estate decisions together!

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