Keyword AI Lead Gen + Speed Up Your Reels (Tech Tip Thursday) | Wake Up Real Estate Show 3/28/24

Introduction and Show Overview

Good morning! Welcome to the “Wake Up Real Estate Show.” It’s Thursday, March 28th, and today is Tech Tip Thursday. We’ve got some cool tech tips to share. Remember to smash the bell icon to get all notifications for our new videos. You don’t want to miss out on our content!

Personal Shout-Out and Inside Jokes

Before diving into the tech tips, there’s a quick mention of a personal matter—Mike, your mom was looking for you yesterday! This moment includes a little inside joke among the hosts, showing their playful banter.

Introduction to Today’s Tech Tips

Today’s tech tip is about speeding up your video reels. If your video is just over a common cutoff length—like 15, 30, 60, or 90 seconds—you don’t need to re-record the whole thing. We’ll show you a simple and free way to trim it down.

Diving Into Tech Tips

Ryan shares a tool he’s been having fun with that helps in lead generation and creating engaging conversations, potentially leading to client opportunities. This tool can be used in various ways to help the community share ideas and tips for better engagement and results.

Using Images and Social Posts for Engagement

Ryan discusses how using images of sad real estate agents (created by an AI tool) can enhance social posts. These posts tap into the current market conditions where many agents feel challenged, making it a good strategy for attracting attention and engagement.

Exploring New Tools and Techniques

The show introduces a new AI tool in Microsoft Edge, used to create compelling images and posts. They explore how AI can enhance online content, making it more appealing and relevant to current market trends.

Practical Application of AI Tools

Ryan demonstrates how the AI tool can be used to generate images that can emotionally engage the audience, thereby enhancing the impact of social posts.

Speeding Up Video Reels with CapCut

A detailed explanation of how to use the CapCut app to speed up videos efficiently. If a video is slightly over a desired length, adjusting its speed slightly can make it fit without noticeably altering the video’s quality or sound.

Advanced Editing Techniques

Further details on using the CapCut app’s features like normal and curve speed adjustments are shared. These features help create more engaging and dynamic videos by varying the speed at different parts of the video.

New Tool for Enhanced Engagement: DDEI.com

A new tool called DDEI.com is introduced, which helps in scanning social media for relevant posts based on specific keywords. This tool is particularly useful for engaging directly with potential clients by responding to their posts with useful information and links.

Discussion on Future Plans and Mastermind Session

The hosts discuss how they plan to use DDEI.com in their future strategies and invite the audience to a Mastermind session where they will dive deeper into the tool’s capabilities and share more insights.

Show Wrap-Up and Housekeeping

The show concludes with some housekeeping notes—there will be no show tomorrow and a brief discussion on the upcoming schedule. They remind the audience about the availability of the mortgage team over the holiday weekend and wish everyone a Happy Easter.


Today’s show was packed with helpful tech tips for speeding up your reels and using new tools to enhance online engagement. These tips are great for anyone in real estate looking to improve their marketing and client interaction. Be sure to try out these techniques and join us for the next session to learn even more!

Don’t forget to tune in next Tuesday for more tips and tricks. Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter!

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