Listings 2 Leads Demo – Wake Up Real Estate Weekly Mastermind

Listings 2 Leads Demo – Wake Up Real Estate Weekly Mastermind

Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to our weekly Mastermind! I am super excited because we have some special guests who will be sharing and demoing one of my favorite resources for real estate agents. For those of you who have been coming to these sessions or checking out the Wake Up Real Estate show in the mornings, I’ve been shouting from the rooftops that I truly believe Listings to Leads is one of the best values for agents. Let’s face it, there are no lack of companies and people trying to get into our pockets, but this one significantly over delivers considering the small amount they charge.

Scott, pretend you didn’t hear that and don’t change the pricing! But that is the truth. From all of what is offered with the platform, it’s an incredible value. Today, Vince and Scott are here to demo the Listings to Leads platform and point out some of the most valuable and useful features. If you’re listening to this on one of our audio-only platforms, you might want to find the video version as well because there are some things you’ll want to see. You can find that on our YouTube channel at Wake Up Real Estate.

Overview of Listings to Leads

Introduction to Vince

Vince will be demoing the Listings to Leads platform today. He explains that the platform has been around for 13 years, continually growing and adding value with tools to help agents advertise, get more buyers and sellers, and stay relevant on social media.

High-Level Features

Vince quickly outlines the main features of the platform:

  • Listing Section: Automatically sweeps your listings. If you don’t have listings, you can borrow listings.
  • PDF Guides: 80 guides branded to you, 40 for home buyers and 40 for home sellers.
  • Landing Pages: Create unlimited landing pages for various purposes.
  • Social Content: A set-and-forget feature with over 50 real estate topics auto-posted to your social media.

Ad Platform

Creating Ads

Vince highlights the ad platform as a significant feature. The platform has built-in Facebook and Google ad software, making it easy to create ads for your listings or borrowed listings.

He demonstrates how to create a Facebook ad for a listing with a $35 budget, which can generate 10 or 11 leads. This method is presented as the fastest and most efficient way to get buyer leads.

Expanding Reach

Vince also explains how you can target other areas with your ads, especially if you’re in a southern state and want to target people from colder regions.

Social Media and Lead Capture

Auto Posting and Social Media Sharing

The platform allows for automatic social media sharing of your listings. Vince shows an example of an auto-post with emojis, hashtags, and photos that drive traffic to a single property website.

Home Value Offers

Knowing that many people looking at homes already own a home, the platform offers a free home value right on the property page. This helps capture seller leads.

Nearby Homeowner Letter

Generating Listings

Vince talks about the Nearby Homeowner Letter as the top tool for getting listing leads that turn into contracts. This letter can be sent out to neighbors around a listing, prompting them to inquire about their home values.

Client Success Stories

Vince shares success stories from clients who have used the Nearby Homeowner Letter to get significant responses and listings.

Using Express Copy

To make the process easier, the platform partners with Express Copy to handle the printing and mailing of these letters, making it a two-click process to get them out to potential sellers.

Additional Tools

Open House Tools

Vince highlights the open house marketing toolkit, which includes online sign-in forms, mobile-optimized property websites, and automated email follow-ups to re-engage leads.

Print Marketing

The platform offers print marketing tools like door hangers and postcards that drive traffic to your online listings and capture leads. These can also be handled by Express Copy for easy distribution.

Landing Pages and PDF Guides

Creating Landing Pages

Vince demonstrates how to create landing pages for various purposes like property valuations, iBuyers, FSBOs, expired listings, and more. These can be customized and marketed through ads, print, or email blasts.

Using PDF Guides

The platform provides 80 PDF guides, 40 for buyers and 40 for sellers, all branded to you. These guides can be marketed in multiple ways to capture leads even if you don’t have listings.

Leveraging Borrowed Listings

Adding Borrowed Listings

Vince explains how to add borrowed listings to the platform by entering the zip code and MLS ID. The platform will then generate all the necessary marketing tools for those listings.

Conclusion and Q&A


Vince and Scott summarize the key points of the demo, emphasizing the value and versatility of the Listings to Leads platform. They encourage agents to start a free trial and explore the features that resonate most with them.

Q&A Session

The session opens up for questions from the audience. Topics discussed include the importance of consistent video content, leveraging short-form video scripts, and using the platform’s marketing tools to build a strong presence and generate leads.

Call to Action

If you’re ready to take your real estate business to the next level, start your free trial of Listings to Leads today. Explore the powerful tools and resources available to you, and start generating more leads and closing more deals. Visit growwithjo.com/L2L to get started!

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