Mortgage & Marketing Monday | Wake Up Real Estate Show 2/26/24


Welcome to the “Wake Up Real Estate Show”! It’s a beautiful Monday, and today, we’re going to talk about some interesting things in the world of real estate, focusing on mortgages and marketing. Mark and Ryan are here to share some great ideas and updates with everyone.

Marketing Ideas and Mortgage Updates

Today, Mark has a cool marketing idea he’s excited to share. It’s something new he’s trying out, and he promises to keep everyone updated on how it goes. Meanwhile, Ryan is preparing to show us something on his computer screen.

Spring Training Season

Even though Mark isn’t a big baseball fan, he’s excited because spring training season is starting in Florida. He watched a replay of Sunday’s game last night. Spring training is a big deal in Florida, and Mark suggests a marketing tip: doing a map search for homes near the ballpark. This is a great way for people to find homes in areas they’re interested in, especially during popular events like spring training.

Local Attractions and Real Estate

Mark expands on his idea by suggesting that realtors can use local attractions to market properties. For example, if you live near a big event like a street fair, you could do a map search of properties around that area and post it on social media. This could attract people who are interested in living near these attractions or investing in properties to rent out.

Mortgage Talk with Jordan and Josh

Josh mentions that he and Jordan are hosting an information session about mortgages tomorrow. They’ll discuss some little-known facts about FHA mortgage financing. For instance, they recently helped people get FHA loans with credit scores below 580, which is pretty impressive!

Advantages of FHA Loans

Ryan adds to the mortgage discussion by talking about the benefits of FHA loans, like lower interest rates compared to conventional loans. They discuss strategies for making FHA offers more attractive to sellers, such as addressing concerns about FHA inspections upfront.

Real Estate Market Insights

The conversation shifts to the real estate market’s challenges, particularly with high interest rates. They discuss the importance of not waiting for market conditions to improve but rather finding ways to thrive in the current market. This includes being creative and proactive in finding opportunities, no matter the market conditions.

Creative Marketing Strategies

Mark shares an innovative marketing strategy he learned about from a Facebook ad. It’s about simplifying Facebook campaigns to one major campaign for each type of target (buyers or sellers) without complex targeting. This approach is more cost-effective and could potentially lead to better results.

Wrap-Up and Next Steps

As the show wraps up, the hosts remind everyone about upcoming events and encourage them to keep experimenting with new ideas in real estate marketing and mortgage strategies. They’re excited to share more about these topics in future sessions.

Thanks for joining us on “Mortgage & Marketing Monday.” Remember to like, comment, subscribe, and share this video if you found it helpful. Join us tomorrow for more insights, and in the meantime, check out our website to create your free account and stay updated with all things real estate. See you next time!

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