Mortgage & Marketing (Super Bowl) Monday | Wake Up Real Estate Show 2/12/24

Introduction to Super Bowl Monday

Good morning! Today is Super Bowl Monday, and there’s an interesting thought: why not have the Super Bowl on Saturday? It would probably help with productivity since not much gets done the day after the big game. Many people are still recovering, and even packages might be delayed.

Discussion on Marketing and Mortgage

Switching gears to our usual topics, we’ll dive into some marketing and mortgage discussions. Ryan posted something interesting on social media, possibly inspired by a Super Bowl commercial. We’ll explore that and encourage you to engage by commenting on your favorite Super Bowl ad from last night.

Favorites and Flops in Super Bowl Commercials

There were some standout ads and, as usual, some that didn’t impress. One funny commercial involved Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also, a lot of money seems to be spent on ads by and, which might seem wasteful considering their business models focus on selling ads more than anything else.

Viewer Interactions and Opinions

We asked for viewers’ favorite commercials, and Mike mentioned liking Arnold’s ad. I shared that my favorite was the Mr. T sketch, which cleverly played with the brand name “Sketchers” by highlighting that there’s no ‘T’ in it, despite Mr. T being in the commercial.

Personal Anecdotes and Distracted Viewing

I was not fully focused on the Super Bowl this year due to family commitments and hosting a group of kids at my house. So, I didn’t catch all the commercials or game details as much as I would have liked.

Super Bowl Game Highlights

The game itself was quite boring in the first half but picked up excitement in the last quarter and overtime. There was a joke about the game being fixed, but it was just a jest with no serious implications.

Social Media and Economic Commentary

Our social post of the day ties into current events, joking about the economy and suggesting that instead of holding onto overinflated tech stocks, one might consider investing in real estate. This blends humor with a bit of financial advice amid market craziness.

Broader Marketing Insights from the Super Bowl

The discussion veers into the effectiveness of Super Bowl ads for big portals like Zillow and, which might not be as appealing to seasoned agents who are better off generating their leads. New agents, however, might still be the target audience for these ads.

Strategy and Industry Economics

We discussed the massive amounts spent on Super Bowl ads and whether they genuinely bring a return on investment through increased ad sales or not. It seems they might still be profitable due to the high value of the real estate industry.

Real Estate Marketing Tactics

We then talked about how real estate agents can better utilize their marketing efforts to attract and retain clients, emphasizing the importance of building relationships and being seen as a problem solver.

Personal Stories and Business Development

Cameron Evans was mentioned for his contributions in a recent podcast, highlighting strategies in tracking marketing efforts and improving lead generation and conversion in real estate.

Conclusion and Weekly Preview

We wrapped up today’s show by looking forward to the rest of the week, mentioning upcoming topics like texting strategies and traffic generation. Thereโ€™s a teaser about more tactical advice that can be immediately applied to your marketing efforts.

If you enjoyed today’s discussion and want more insights like these, remember to tune in regularly and engage with us. Your feedback and interaction help us make this content more relevant and exciting for everyone. Have a great week!

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