Mortgage, Motivation & Marketing Monday | Wake Up Real Estate Show 9/11/23

Introduction to the Show

Good morning everyone and welcome to the “Wake Up Real Estate Show”! Today is Monday, so it’s our special episode called Mortgage, Motivation, and Marketing Monday. We have a lot of exciting things to talk about, so let’s dive in! Today, we have three special guests, Mark Webster, Mike Smith, and Chris Harris, joining us to share their insights. Thanks for being here!

Motivational Kick-off

Starting with a Bang

Let’s start today with a bit of motivation to get us pumped up for the week. Here’s a powerful thought to keep in mind: “You have been ordained to be great, anything less is on you.” Remember, it’s important to do the work needed to achieve greatness. In fact, I’ve been up early myself, working hard, following up on messages from our ads to see what gets people excited and engaged.

Marketing Insights

Interactive Marketing Tactics

We’re experimenting with new ads today. I’m even drafting some copy for a new ad that we’re launching. Marketing can be tricky—you have to know when to push forward and when to adjust. Later in the show, I’ll share a simple rule of thumb on when to keep going or when to stop with a marketing strategy.

Social Post of the Day

Ryan shared a neat trick for social media today. If you’re looking into multi-unit properties, this might interest you. He sorted the latest listings by ‘income property’ which is a great tip for those looking to invest in real estate and manage properties to earn rental income.

Mortgage Tips and Strategies

Understanding Mortgage Options

If you need help with financing, whether for buying a home or investing in property, there are options available. Text “HELP” to our special number for assistance. We discussed how multi-unit properties can be a smart start for first-time buyers or investors, allowing them to live in one unit and rent out others to cover mortgage costs.

Guest Insights

Jordan’s Mortgage Updates

Our colleague Jordan had some interesting updates from the mortgage front. Despite a small hiccup with his microphone, he shared how our team is gaining momentum, helping more clients navigate their real estate needs, which is thrilling!

Personal Stories and Advice

Jordan also touched on his personal life, sharing that he holds weekly financial planning meetings with his young children. It’s never too early to start learning about finances and real estate!

New Mortgage Products

Innovative Financing Solutions

Jordan introduced an exciting new mortgage product called “Buy Before You Sell,” which helps homeowners transition smoothly without the financial strain of bridge loans. This is great news for those looking to upgrade their living situation without the immediate pressure of selling their current home.

Marketing Updates and Future Plans

Effective Advertising Strategies

We revisited some of the marketing strategies we’re currently testing, like messenger ads, which have proven to be a cost-effective way to engage potential clients directly through social media. It’s about finding what works and adjusting as needed to maximize results.


Today’s episode covered a lot of ground from motivational tips to innovative mortgage products and effective marketing strategies. We hope you found the discussions enlightening and useful for your real estate endeavors. Remember, the key to success is to stay motivated, be proactive, and keep pushing forward in your efforts.

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