Mortgage, Motivation & Marketing Monday | Wake Up Real Estate Show 9/25/23

Welcome and Introduction

Happy Monday, everyone! Welcome to the “Wake Up Real Estate Show” on this sunny Monday morning, October 8th, 2023. Since it’s the start of the last quarter of the year, we’re excited to talk about three important topics: mortgages, motivation, and marketing. Let’s kick things off with a bit of motivation to get our week started right. Here’s a thoughtful message: “Don’t let the growth of your dreams be limited by the size of your comfort zone.” A good reminder not just for us but also for the kids!

Mortgage Discussions

Interest Rates and Mortgage Calculations

We’re diving into the world of mortgages with a fresh perspective today. Our friend Ryan shared a quick video on social media about how changing interest rates can affect your mortgage payments. Although it was a quick post without much explanation, it shows how even small changes in rates can make a big difference in your monthly payments. This could be a helpful tool for anyone thinking about buying or selling a home soon.

Real Estate Market Insights

Speaking of buying and selling, there’s always a silver lining, no matter what the market looks like. If you’re trading up, lower home prices can actually work in your favor. You might get less for your current home, but you’ll save more on the next one. And if mortgage rates drop in the future, that’s an opportunity to build some instant equity!

Opportunities in the Mortgage Industry

We also discussed some exciting opportunities in the mortgage industry. Our team is growing, and we’re looking for new members who are serious about their careers in mortgages. If you’re already a licensed loan originator or thinking about getting your license, there might be a fantastic opportunity waiting for you with us.

Social Media and Marketing

Let’s talk about marketing strategies, specifically using social media to engage with clients. Ryan’s simple mortgage video is just one example. Remember, posting something is better than posting nothing. It’s about keeping the conversation going and staying visible to your audience. Also, you never know when a quick post can turn into a valuable client interaction!

Automated Messaging Success

Automation can be a powerful tool. Over the weekend, some automated messages went out to potential clients, and guess what? They worked! While relaxing and watching football, appointments were being set up from these automated replies. It just goes to show, sometimes the best time to send a message is whenever you can.


We’ve covered a lot today, from motivational thoughts to deep dives into the mortgage market and effective marketing strategies. Remember, no matter the market conditions, there are always opportunities to learn and grow. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or start a career in real estate, staying informed and proactive is key.

Want to learn more or get involved? Check out our website, tune into our next show, or drop us a message. Let’s make this week a great one together!

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